Sunday, June 6, 2010

The results...

Well, I survived my weigh in.  I'm down three pounds baby!!!! YESSSSSSSSS

I'll take it.  I know some of it was the bloating; but I'm so happy that at least I'm back on the way down and not up anymore that I do NOT care.  3.2 more pounds until I'm back at HB conference weight- which is nothing!  1-2 weeks and I'm done with the post pity party gain and back on track.  And the confidence and happiness I felt during that time period will be back too...

I'm so happy to be so close to goal weight (10-15 lbs), and have something (like this challenge) to push me to the end.  I haven't felt this motivated or believed that I could actually achieve this in so long.  Seriously I feel so confident and comfortable right now, knowing that I'm in the home stretch and that I will get there and stay there.  And I've talked to several of the girls in the competition and people are already kind of bowing out.  If I can seriously stay focused long enough and work hard enough, I might actually be able to win the money too!!!  I'm trying not to worry about the money, but come on...wouldn't that just be FABULOUS!  The thing is though, I don't know all of the girls got so large that girls that work with other girls are now in too and so I don't know how good my chances really are..but who cares?  Even if I don't win the money..I will be in the best shape of my life. :)  Which means also that I will have the most confidence and love for life too...

Ok, now I'm rambling again..



  1. Unfortunately, I found your three damned pounds. Well, it was birthday week and... well, mistakes were made. Back in the saddle now tho.

    Keep plugging away, Diz. You got this, girl.

  2. :D So glad to hear about the loss AND your improved enthusiasm! know, you can have the most confidence and love of life NOW--no need to wait til the end of the challenge, fierce girl. :D

    Of course, I'm fully expecting you to BE in the best shape ever by the end of the challenge, because I know you can do it, but just sayin... Deb

  3. Congratulations on the loss!!! WTG :)

  4. You are beautiful and smart and are going to rock this!

  5. Get it girl!!! You rock. But I agre with Deb - you can have it now - no number will give that to you - no outside appearance - it has to be inside

  6. I know you can do this Diz! Noone can be as motivated as you. If you really are the "biggest" girl in the comp that just means other people won't be near as motivated and more likely to drop out. Also, the more people to join the more money you'll win... and you will win it!!!

  7. HOLY SHITBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!