Friday, June 4, 2010

It's about that time again...


I have been doing pretty good on my rampage- tomorrow morning is weigh in and I told NR at the gym this afternoon that I'm nervous about it.  She asked why- she knows I've been doing pretty good, but since I don't have a scale at home, I don't have any way to gauge how I'm doing, so it scares me.  For the rest of you, being obsessed with weighing doesn't work; you seem to need that freedom from the scale to really succeed.  I, apparently, am the opposite.  Without constantly weighing in, I seem to either forget or forgive myself too much and when it comes to weigh in time, I never do as well as I'm hoping.  Even if I'm writing things down, I need to physically SEE that the weight is coming off to keep myself motivated.  And right now I can't see it.  I really want to have a good drop this week, I need it to keep me motivated.  NR and I have been working really hard since we got back from Vegas; I've started lifting again and doing a little cardio in the afternoons; I didn't even write a post yesterday because I had to go to bed last night!  I've been making myself go to bed by 11:30 every night to ensure I'm getting enough sleep; I'm taking my vitamins; I've even cut out soda and caffeine and have been watching my carbs pretty closely...

But I don't feel skinnier.  I can't tell when I look in the mirror.  Maybe because it's been a short week (I just weighed on Tuesday).  That's the only thing I have to go off of right now (the mirror) and I want to cry.  What if I didn't lose anything this week?  I know it's a short week (because I just weighed Tuesday), but my normal weigh in is Saturdays; this week was just whacky because of Vegas.

Heaven Help Me.



  1. Diz, that is a FABULOUS new pic! You look astoundingly gorgeous!

    I hope you see the results that you expect on the scale. If not, you know you're doing all the right things and the weight will respond. Sometimes, it lags a little. Weight is like that. It takes a while for it to understand "rampage".

    Good luck! Keep rampaging!

  2. Diz if you're doing the right things over the long run you'll see the results (even if you are like the rest of us and want instant gratification;-) Hopefully you have more reasons than the pot of money & I think you should write them down on cue cards & take your photo & post it to look back on when you're less motivated *(from Jack SH*T Getting Fit's blog-not sure if I got the swear right). I need to take my own advice too! You WILL do this, so stop stressing & rock it girl:-)

  3. It takes time babes...and usually a lot longer than we wish it regardless of what the scale says keep going. You'll beat it eventually.

    I do hope you have a nice loss though because it is an awesome feeling..either way, keep rocking it.

  4. Well? How did you do? I hope you are feeling great! You are so amazing and inspiring. You look AMAZING in your Vegas pic. You really look stunning! Awesome pic of you! From the looks of that picture, you look great! I'm sure you had a great drop. I miss you tons! I was thinking about you this weekend. Just missin my fried D! Love you tons!