Sunday, June 20, 2010


This weekend was a disaster- food wise. A DISASTER.

While I'd like to get into it, I'm not going to.  The best thing I can do at this point is pick up and move on.  I wasn't able to make it weigh in on Saturday morning, however, I did weigh in at home first thing in the morning on Saturday and my weight was a little higher than I would've liked, but considering the damage I ended up doing Friday night- I'm not surprised.  At least I didn't gain EVERYTHING back! :)

I have two weeks until NR gets back; and one week until my mother gets here (she's coming to visit).  This week is going to be super crucial for me- I HAVE to get back on track and push really hard.  It can be done!!!



  1. Diz, it can SO be done! i made this weekend horrendous on myself, and i'm so mad.

    i'm not saying let's forget this weekend: let's remember what right now feels like and use that to fuel the very best job we can do this upcoming week!

    rooting for ya, deary!

  2. hey hon, just remember to journal! xo

  3. D - just keep on going! Don't let any set-back actually kick you back! Keep going back to the gym and will show up on your body and in your numbers soon!

  4. Diz...
    Just wanting to take a minute to tell you that I read ALL your posts...and whether I comment on them or not...YOU INSPIRE ME! With the ups and with the downs, your persistence and tenacity is the key to success and you keep me motivated. I appreciate the comments you make to my posts. It encourages me and reminds me that I am not alone in this. Thank you! I couldn't do it without you. ~ Cheri

  5. Yes it can. Remember to drink lots of water to help flush it out.