Friday, June 18, 2010

Food Eater.

Well, I can tell the weekend is upon me.  I'm ready to relax.  I'm ready to have "me time".  I've worked hard all week and I want to weigh in and have the pressure off for a day or so before I do round 2 of death week.  I just want to weigh in and get it over with...I'm ready and I'm nervous about tonight.

Today has been mediocre- I went to the gym first thing this morning and worked really hard; but I have been eating nonstop since.  It's all been pretty healthy, but it was a lot of food.  I've had almost half a watermelon (BY MYSELF), egg salad, a kale salad with garlic and tahini in it, some grapes, two pieces of toast (one with pb and honey on it), a pita with some hummus, some jicama with more hummus, a Fresca to drink, some tea this morning, some gummy bears...and the list goes on.  I got super stressed out today!  As you can see- it's all been pretty healthy except for the gummy bears and the Fresca really.  But it's still been a lot of food, and I still have the In-N-Out situation to deal with tonight.  UGHHHHH.  I'm a little nervous for weigh in tomorrow, I'm not going to lie.

The worst part of it all is that I'm having people in from out of town.  That always means eating out, and not much time to exercise.  I just want to be on my rampage.

I've just decided I'm going to go for a quick little run before my friend gets here, so I gotta cut this post off.  Have a great weekend friends! XOXO



  1. Diz! i love the title of this post! it's exactly what's on my mind, too. i am quite proud of you for sticking with this. i love how you are thinking AHEAD about every step of the weekend. i start freaking out on friday in anticipation of the weekend eating...but i think i'll take a nod from you and just COMMIT to a rampage!

    ps- thank you for your support, as always, but especially as of late. i've only been blogging a few months, but with friends here like you and others, i honestly believe that i -WE- are not alone! and it makes a (maybe THE) difference.

    CONQUER this weekend, deary!

  2. I am convinced that the anxiety of weigh-in is what sets off your eating.

    Hmmm. I suppose that's not very profound, is it? Well, I've been inhaling Mr. Clean, it's the best I can do. lol

    Keep at it, fierce girl, I'm rooting for you! yay, "little run"!!!! :D


  3. yes i think your anxiety is setting it off ..the stress of the weigh in is making you eat tonight..i get that way too..we just have to focus on the food and how much we put into our mouth..have a good weekend..kelli

  4. You can do this hun! I know you can.