Thursday, June 10, 2010

Positive Affirmations

Today has been a weird and interesting day.

I woke up and immediately had the worst anxiety.  All morning I was freaking out (work related).  I tried and tried to get into my routine, but I was too anxiety ridden and couldn't focus.  I tried to go to the gym, but once I got there, I didn't really want to work out and started half-assing it.  Then my iPod went out and I thought- that's it and left about 20 minutes into the cardio.  I was at the gym for a whole 30 minutes or so.  It calmed me, but didn't get rid of the anxiety because I didn't give myself the time i needed to work it out.  

Then, half way through the day, I started to calm down and realize that all the stress and anxiety was self inflicted/created. Why I do things like this, I'll never understand.  I mean, I think I hate the drama and the stress, and yet for some reason I continually create it in my mind for myself.  Of course around lunch I binged a little because I was tired of freaking out.  Luckily it wasn't a horrific binge- a tortilla with cheese dipped in ranch- but it was enough to make me feel guilty, especially cause my work out sucked.  This whole week has best. 

Then NR started stressing out because she leaves tomorrow for 3 weeks for work and she was already in work mode, trying to prepare for her trip.  It may end up being 7 weeks that she's gone, she's not sure yet.  So I had to quit freaking because I had to help her start preparing (she was already helping me chill).  We went to the mall and then to Whole Foods, and by the time I was done shopping for food I had re-committed to this challenge.  It's not that I haven't been committed- but I haven't given it my all this week.  I haven't tracked like I should've.  While other days I worked out hard, today I half-assed it.  I decided to come home and go for a run, but we didn't end up making it home until after dark, so that didn't get to happen.  I had a few slip ups this week- but starting tomorrow (weigh in is Saturday), I am recommitting again.  We did have a few bites of key lime pie tonight (did I mention NR is leaving the country?  We had to celebrate with an American favorite), but it's gone now and the rampage is back on.

I'm actually really excited to be so committed while NR is gone.  I really want to have some good drops while she's gone to show her I can do this.  She kept pumping me up today while we were at Whole Foods, reminding me that when she gets back we might have to take another trip to Vegas and we need to be on point by then.  Tan, fresh, and SKINNY!  I loved it; she's such a good motivator for me.  She made me promise to get some 3 x 5 cards so I can write down positive affirmations to think about and focus on while she's gone.  She said I can only use positive words.  Example: I am a happy, healthy, strong woman and I love my life and myself.  Isn't that great?

So even though I never fully got off the wagon- I'm fully back on.  I. am. so. excited!  

Positivity and affirmations = success to come.

Stay focused and positive friends!


  1. I really do believe in the affirmations and use em.
    in my head
    as I go through my day

    for me its all about the Law of Attraction and knowing that what I put out there (I ROCK AS A WRITER. PEOPLE LOVE MY WORK!!) even if it feels silly sometimes is what I will DRAW back to me.


  2. Does NR do side work as a life coach? i'm so glad you have her, she sounds like a great friend. I don't think you were never not committed - just getting your focus back. You are beautiful, strong, caring, fun, sweet - so many things more than a number - you can do anything - just believe and know that you can. We do!

  3. A huge part of this process is mental so the positive affirmation cards are an awesome idea!!

  4. I love positive affirmations and I think it is a great idea to write them down and hang them around the house to remind you of the journey you're on and to help the anxiety go. :)

  5. I need some of that energy. I have had a few bad weeks, but I'm going to get remotivated. I need all the help I can get. Love ya..

  6. There is power in affirmations. Keep doing it!

  7. That NR, she's a good one! Write TAN, FRESH, and SKINNY on three of your cards. And, VEGAS on a fourth.

    Keep up the good attitude and don't let that work stress get you down. You will win!!!

  8. Wishing you will, Diz, wishing you well. It might be nice to have some alone time, huh? Deb