Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another "motivation"


The good news I'm in the zone.  Again.  It's not because of the comment- the other night.  The truth is I don't care what some random dude has to say.  I mean, yes he's my friend, but he lives in Utah and is only here for a few days and I'm not interested in him anyway.  If I were, maybe it would've stung more.

But I'm back in the zone.  It's just how I operate.  I'm in the zone for awhile, and then I'm not.  One of these days I'm going to be able to stay in the zone and then I'm really going to be able to do some damage.  Now I just have a tendency to lose a little and then gain it right back.  But I was thinking about it today- and until the day that it sticks, I'm going to keep trying.  It's how I operate.  Right now I'm back on the losing track, which is always a better place to be...  

My  friends and I are going to Vegas in a month...hence the temporary rampage. :)  Plus I only have a few weeks left of the Biggest Loser it's time to kick it back into gear.  YES!

What kicks you into gear?



  1. Not much except hitting rock bottom.

    Maybe your example will give me a kick. Go, Diz, go!

  2. I hear you loud and clear about going in and out of the zone. And I've decided that most people are probably the same. As long as we keep trying and never give up, well... I think perhaps the times of being in the zone will eventually last longer than the zones out of the zone. I have no idea what kicks me back into gear... somehow the switch is just turned on! Enjoy it while it lasts dear girl (*_*)

  3. The scale. This morning I weighed in at 157.4 and went right out the door for a run. M-I-L is in town so I haven't had a meal at home in days (and I think I'm having a few more beers than normal.. lol) I ran 6.5km today and it felt amazing! Lovin Dizzy on a rampage, that ALWAYS inspires me too ;) xo

  4. Been yoyoing myself ever since i got my tummy tuck. And yeah, don't mind what others say!