Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Does this make me official?

Hello blogger friends!

I got something exciting in my inbox this morning...I was invited to be a guest blogger on the Be Active website!  I feel so honored and excited- they asked me to write a 200-300 blurb about being healthy, what I do, and what kind of products I use.  So I've been thinking about what "products" I use to help me stay fit and lose weight...here's what I can think of so far.

1) My iPod shuffle is pretty important to me.  Yes, I can run without it (I know some people that are too attached and can't run without theirs).  Obviously I like to have it with me because it gives me something to listen to and drown out everything around me.  But yesterday it died about 10 minutes into my run (I was gone for about an hour or so), so sometimes I still run without it.  But I enjoy it and always take it with me, regardless of what work out I plan on doing.

2) My Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 Road-Running Shoes (for a picture of them- click here: http://www.rei.com/product/795598?preferredSku=7955980110&cm_mmc=cse_froogle-_-datafeed-_-product-_-7955980110&mr:trackingCode=7D0B3462-A836-DF11-BAA3-0019B9C043EB&mr:referralID=NA )  I love these running shoes; I've owned several pairs of Mizuno's and personally think they're a great shoe.

3) I tend to wear work out gear- dri-fit or response work out clothing from Adidas and Nike are some of my favorites.  They are just more comfortable and keep me dryer than regular t-shirts and shorts.

What else?  Mmmm.... I take a multi-vitamin supplement every day, I stretch a lot, and I try to drink water before and after.  That's it.  I guess I'm kind of a simpleton, now that I think about it...

:)  What's your favorite work out item?



  1. My nike+ component that works with my Ipod. It helps to track mileage and calorie burn based on my weight. I've measured it against my treadmill & it's pretty accurate. The best part is I can track on-line (& on the actual Ipod) my fastest runs (for different distances), calories burned, past runs, totals, set goals, etc. It's great. Since last October I've burned 54,000 calories from just running & I've forgotten to use it a few times....makes you think:-)

  2. Definitely my ipod, I get so upset it I don't have it to work out with!!

  3. That's exciting!!! You will make a great Guest Blogger! Be sure to post the link on the big day!

  4. Ipod and my work out video collection. Now that I blew the dust off them and they are getting used again! Diz that is so amazing, because you really are such a inspiration and a phenomenal person that being a guest blogger is going to share your story! Keep Up the great work girl!