Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dumpy Hump Day

Doesn't it seem that I have like, 3 good days, followed by a bad day?

Today is NOT a bad day, but I am in a funk.  I'm bored.  I'm bugged with my hair and makeup today.  I'm bugged with all of the boys in my life (or lack thereof really).  I have a headache.

This week seems so loooooonnnnnggggg.  I'm over it.

This morning I ran about 6 miles; the standard route.  It was boring.  I'm running everyday, and while I love running and felt so good while running today, I don't feel like I'm working out anymore- even though I clearly am.  What do you think I should do?  Add in weights again?  Maybe I should add in some workouts in the evenings as well?  I've been trying so hard- watching every morsel that is going into my mouth...I want it to pay off already!!

You would be proud of me- last night I had a mini break through.  I was on a date with this guy and we had originally planned to go to Costco to get some pizza (cause they have good pizza!) and I asked him if it would be okay if we could go somewhere healthier to eat.  I just really wanted to do good, you know?  He said that he was fine with that and we ended up somewhere else where I got a salad and some breadsticks.  I'm proud of myself for asking for something healthier because that is a hard one for me- I hate, hate, HATE being that girl on a date.  I always want to portray that I'm okay with anything you put in front of me and that I can eat whatever I want... In fact, most of my cheats and downfalls are in social situations- I just can't  seem to stay in control when other people are around....I get to talking, laughing, eating, and I don't pay attention.  Even last night I was giggling and talking and eating and before I knew it, I was really full.  But at least it was a healthy salad and some bread instead of greasy Costco pizza, right?

Still working on enjoying my day- and enjoying my life.  I think I'll be happier once I leave work. :)



  1. Diz that takes alot! But you have to make your wonderful self a priority or no one else will. And there is nothing wrong with taking care of your body. I am so proud of u! And mindless eating is part of you so buy making sure there were at least healthier options is a battle with in itself! And why take the same route? Change it up and add some weights to your legs if you feel that your not getting enough work out. Are you still lifting weights? I hadn't seen anything about that in a bit. Big hugs

  2. Dang - way to go on that date! And yah - we can't have "happy CareBear Land" days every day so here's hoping you feel better tomorrow.

  3. proud of you, Diz! when it comes to social situations, i can pass up my all-time favorites. but you get me alone, and i can turn into a garbage disposal. i'm working on it....

    and i would love to see you add in some weights!

  4. Good job of asserting yourself there! I can imagine that the place with the salad and breadsticks had a nicer atmosphere than Costco, too. Six miles is awesome; do whatever you have to do to make it more interesting for you.

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