Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Good morning my lovies!

I've finally decided to pick up my proverbial pen again.  Yayyy!  It's been a long week and a half, but of course, it's gone by in the blink of an eye for me.  My mom came and went, friends came and went (for the 4th of July weekend), NR came and went, and I'm back to the grind stone- trying to work off/sweat off/curse off a few more lbs.

Yesterday I was having a little pity party for myself.  Just a minor one- but in the morning I was secretly wishing that I didn't have to work or do anything really (it was a brutal Tuesday = Monday for me).  I just kept thinking how hard my life much I have to work...and it was depressing.  I have to work at losing weight.  I have to work at my job.  I have to work at being social. I have to work at saving money. Work. Work. Work.

Then I realized something.

All this "work"- makes me a stronger woman.  I don't have to work- I choose to work.  I could sit around all day and eat crap; that would definitely be easier than going to the gym.  I don't have to work out. I don't have to make calls for work.  I don't have to clean my house.  Hell, I don't even have to take a shower if I don't want.  I don't have to do anything....I choose to do these things.  I choose to drink water instead of coke.  I choose to eat cantaloupe and strawberries instead of chocolate cake and ice cream.  I choose to go to the gym and work my ass off- because I know these things will pay off in the end.  Today I choose to be healthier, fitter, and more confident than every day before this one.  Because even though it's work- it makes me happy.  When I work hard I feel great about myself and the things I've accomplished.  So even though it's only one day- it's a start!  It's one day...that will eventually turn into two, and then three and then four.  Pretty soon it will be one week, then two...then a month.  Little by little, day by day, I will make a difference in my own life.  I will work my way into a fabulous me.

What do you choose to do today?


  1. love it, Diz! when i first read the part about having to work at all those things, my first thought was, "i have to work at it, too, cry cry cry." THEN i got to the part about the choosing, and it was like a light bulb went off!

    thank you, Diz. :) stay strong, and KEEP WORKING!

  2. I have been trying to make a mental shift too so I totally identified with your post. Good stuff!

  3. Yes, we're lucky that we have working body parts and a brain, and that we get to work. I try to remember that, but sometimes my brain forgets.

  4. I love you. Great attitude as usual.

  5. hahha. Amen, sister! Welcome back. :D

    For freedom!


  6. Welcome back honey, i choose to walk today on my bum ankle... wish me luck.

  7. Hey Diz! Missed ya! And I'm gonna remember all this stuff you said when I get 1 block from my house today and start feeling like I don't really "wanna" go for a walk. I'm gonna remember this when I'm 1 block from the house and my back starts hurting, or my knee starts throbbing. I'm going to remember this when I try on a skirt that still just a little too tight. I'm gonna remember that I'm worth it and that you (and everyone I know) is with me and that it's not "just me" having to WORK SO HARD at living. By the way....I LOVE your new pic. So cute and sassy!!!