Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pump the Hump (day)...

Hi friends.

Still trying to go strong.  I mean, I am going strong, but I don't think the drop in lbs is going to be quite as high as last weeks.  Because it's week 2, and all of the water weight is gone, right? 

Yesterday I killed it.  Ran 5 miles in the morning and then went to the gym in the afternoon with NR (she's finally home from her travels).  Ate decently.  I'm trying to remember that 80% of this is diet- right?  Sometimes I get into this sabotage mode of- well, I worked out so hard, I can ease up on the diet part of things...right?  Ha. Hahahaha...I crack myself up (I seriously think this kind of crap on a regular basis).

Last week someone called me and asked me why she can't just stay fat.  It's so much easier, she said to me.  We had a nice little chuckle and spent the next few minutes reminding each other why we're doing this and motivating each other.  I've thought a lot about that conversation since.  I've thought a lot about myself since then too.  I've had to ask myself a few times, why are you doing this D?  If it makes you miserable (which it doesn't but I'm prone to pity parties now and again), why do you keep on? 

I'll tell you why I do this every day.  It IS hard- and it IS an uphill battle, but it CAN be done!  Why not?  We here in the blogging community see and read about others who have done it and are doing it everyday, and we want a taste of that success too.  Let me ask you this...can you taste that success?  Stop and think about it for a minute...I mean, really try to imagine it for a moment.  Imagine yourself at your goal weight.  What are you feeling?  Happiness?  Elation?  What must feel like to be a goal weight and to be satisfied with your body?  To feel confident when you look in the mirror and say- "Wow, I look DAMN good today!"  Haha, I think about this moment a lot.  It's possible, you know.  Why wouldn't you want to be thinner and more confident and healthier and happier?  Why wouldn't you want to work hard to have something special?  Everything worth having in this life is something you have to work for.  This is just another one of those things...right?

So today I will sacrifice for the bigger picture.  I will eat apples and plums instead of chips and treats.  I will drink water because it's good for my body.  I will work out because it's hard and I sweat and sometimes it sucks but it also brings me closer to my goal faster than just dieting by itself.  And I ALWAYS feel better after a work out.  I will remind myself that I am worth it and that I'm happy.

What will you do today?


  1. Good Attitude D! Keep killing it:-)

  2. Drinking more water is my plan.

  3. Thanks, I needed to read this. For real.

  4. Pump the hump indeed my dear friend. And girl - you look DAMN good every day....for realz. Good comment on my blog today - right again as usual....thanks!

  5. Really great post Diz. I'm trying to treat myself like I would treat a friend or family member and just be kind and sincere with me for a change.

    Thank you so much for your comments sweetie, when I had the interview then got the job I couldn't wait to tell my blog ladies... that really says a lot I think! Thank you for your support, you're still my fav gal xoxoxoxo