Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Death by Power Sculpt

I did something scary; something new.

My friends forced me to go to Power Sculpt yesterday.  I seriously was so scared I almost cried. I know that sounds so stupid- but it's true!  I hate trying new things sometimes- especially when I'm with my friends.  Of course I didn't actually admit I was scared- instead I kept trying to tell them I didn't feel well and I couldn't go.  They didn't listen; they just started chanting VE-GAS! VE-GAS! VE-GAS!  It was awful.

First of all- they made me run to the gym.  In their defense- they ran too.  I should probably mention here that the gym is only about a mile from my house.  But still!  Then, once we got there, they made me take somewhat heavy weights so that I would actually get a work out.  Oh I got a work out.  That class was one of the most intense things I've ever done and I am NOT kidding.  I am sitting here with a hot pack on right now.

But on the other hand, I love it.  I love that I worked out so hard!  I love that I conquered my fear.  It was fun and even though I'm sore, I feel fabulous.

What is your fear?  And how do you plan to conquer it??



  1. wow, Diz. sounds intense! and you CONQUERED, so, go you!!!

    sometimes i think i fear not changing as much as i fear changing. my plan? to just do it!

  2. Yay Diz! I know fears can hold you back but its great you got a friends to help push you forward! The weight lifting is so gonna help and your gonna be one of the skinny bitches that everyone hates! But then you also have this amazing wonderful personality so there you go the perfect girl :) I know how much your struggled and I just wanted to let you know your amazing and drive me to be better!

  3. I could actually hear VE-GAS, VE-GAS, VE-GAS when I read that!

    Although you would never catch me in a gym, it sounds like fun. I'm glad your friends made you do it, aren't you?