Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My neck AND my head.

This week has been hell.

I seriously jacked my neck on Saturday, and for some reason thought that the power sculpt class on Monday would loosen my shoulders up.  Ha.  I've been out of commission for 2 days now and counting....5 if you count all the days previous to Power Sculpt.  Today I finally decided to go see a doctor.  I wanted to see an acupuncturist, but don't know any in the area, and as a body worker myself (massage therapist), I would never go see someone without a referral.  Especially an acupuncturist.  I don't want to pay someone money to stick needles in me who doesn't know what they're doing, even if they are the little bitty ones that acupuncturists use.  So I took a referral to go see a chiropractor.

Not to mention, my friends and I have been eating like queens these last few days.  On Monday I went shopping with my roommate to get healthy food- and since my neck is killing me in five places, I've opted to eat whatever is easiest.  Which means either whatever NR brings home for me to eat, or whatever I can just put in my mouth and not have to make first.  AND I haven't been working out, so I haven't been really hungry.  So all of the calorie laden food I've been pigging hasn't been getting burned off.  I'm a HOT mess.  This morning the scale showed a 6.5 pound gain (since May).  I can tell.  And I want to do something about it, I really do.  The sad thing is I don't have energy to do anything but lay in bed and feel the death pain of my neck and head (the headaches that accompany this neck pain are ridiculous- behind the eyes and sharp. UGH).  I've been popping pills like crazy but nothing seems to be making a dent in this death.

Tonight i'm taking a hot bath and going to bed early.  I'm praying to wake up tomorrow without a headache.  If I can wake up without a headache and can actually move a little, I will be so happy because that means i can get back on my wagon to health.  All I want to lose is the 6.5 I've gained at this point.  I don't even care beyond that right now.  It's reasonable to be able to do that before Vegas, isn't it???

Night lovies!


PS- there are several new commenters that have mentioned that they either have left an award for me on their blog, or have commented on my blog and I went to read their blog, and I could not get on because their blogs are private (which also means I cannot comment on your blog either).  :)  Thank you for the awards and the kind words.  If you are one of these people, please know I would love to read your blog.  If you would like to send me an email and give me permission (or whatever it is you do on a private blog to allow readers), I would love it.  If not, know I still appreciate every comment you have made and love your support.  Thank you!!!!


  1. Sorry you're feeling crappy. Just know, I'm here with ya!

    ~ Cheri

  2. Oh, Diz, sorry to hear this! Get thyself to a professional that can help you.

    I did not know that you are a massage therapist!! I've wondered what your occupation is and looked for clues since I started reading your blog, but never guessed. Wow! That's impressive!

    FEEL BETTER! Take care of yourself and don't overdo. VE-GAS, VE-GAS, VE-GAS!

  3. Genie-

    I USED to actually do massage full time- now it's a side gig. :) I have a 9-5 job; If you really want to know- send me an email and I'll tell you what it is I do...


  4. Hi fellow SoCal blogger I left you the lovely Versatile Award on my blog. Please check it out :)

  5. Oh my gosh Diz! How are you feeling? Hope it's better :)