Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Drug Free. Temporarily.

Hi lovies.

Today was a really good day for me.  I got a lot of work done.  I cleaned my house.  I watched several episodes of my current guilty pleasure: Friday Night Lights.  I also went to a social thing tonight for my church and we walked down the to the pier to have ice cream- and I went and socialized, and didn't have any ice cream.  It's funny how easy these things become when 1) you've decided beforehand that you're not going to have any, 2) you really believe you're not going to have any, and 3) you don't allow yourself to change your mind or be tempted by said treat.  If #3 happens at all, #2 is overwith and you're screwed.  I didn't feel deprived in any way- I have treats almost every day;  I just asked myself beforehand if I really needed it- and I didn't.  I had a healthy dinner and was okay saying no.  Was I in the mood to say no?  Of course I wasn't.  I'm never in the mood to say no to a treat.  But I also realized earlier today that I rarely sacrifice treats, or anything else that I should eat more sparingly.  So I opted to not have the treat as a sacrifice for my mind.  I am doing this.  Today I didn't really have anything with sugar in it that I can think of, besides some honey on my toast this morning.  I had a healthy salad for lunch...celery sticks and carrots for snacks.  Here's the thing:  As much as I love crap food- I also really love healthy foods too.  Again, it felt good to be on track; to enjoy healthy foods, and to look forward to my work out.

I also went to the gym tonight and did 45 minutes of cardio on the stairmaster.  It kicked my butt!  I'm so surprised at how out of shape I've gotten. :)  This is not me being hard on myself- I'm not discouraged in any way, shape or form.  I'm just stating something I noticed tonight- my cardio was hard.  But it felt good to do it anyway and finish it.  The good news is even when things get hard, if I've committed myself to it, I do it anyway.  And because I committed to not having ice cream tonight, I knew I could also commit to my workout.  

Today was also the first day in over a week that I didn't take any Advil.  My neck is still very sore and I could definitely use some advil- but I'm trying to cut back because I am a strong believer that too many pills can be so hard on your liver and I have been hard enough on my liver all throughout my life.  I try to watch how many pills I take.  I might pop a few before bed time- right around this time of the night, when my body is starting to unwind, is when my neck hurts the most.  We shall see.

Ok friends- I am out for the night.  Before I go- let me remind you of one thing really quickly- think of something you're grateful for and just have gratitude and positivity in your heart right now.  Even if it's only for a few minutes- it will feel good to take a break from your busy schedule and just feel the grass in your toes or to smell a flower today.  Make a choice and stick to it!!!



  1. Oh, you're so sweet!! I'm grateful that I came here first this morning and read your last thoughts before bedtime.

    Your comment about Stephanie Myers gave me a good laugh. I read "Twilight" because I wanted to see what the teenage girls were so into. The story is imaginative, but the quality of the actual writing is terrible. Apparently, teenage girls are into choppy, boring phrases. Like who, like, would imagine, like, that?

    Hope your neck feels better this morning! I'm careful, too, about taking OTC painkillers because of the potential stomach or liver irritation. We only get one of each of those organs, so we have to take care of 'em. That's what I say!

    Have a great day, Sweetie!

  2. i think it's all about planning and BELIEVING. so many times i plan not to eat something out somewhere, but the truth is, i am open to being talked into anything.

    i admire your strength, Diz.

  3. what a nice thought Diz... glad to hear your neck is feeling a little better and hope it continues to.