Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Job Junk

For 3 posts now I've been wanting to tell you guys about my work/career "situation".  In other words, some major movements are happening on the career front.  But I vowed when I began this little blog of mine that I would never talk about work.  Not because I'm trying to be secretive- but what if a coworker randomly came across my blog one day?  Trust me, stranger things have happened in the world.  The last thing I need is to get fired or watched or anything else because unbeknownst to me, co-workers or worse, management are/is reading my blog.  ESPECIALLY since I decided to quit being anonymous- it became even more important to me not to mention my job in any respect.  The only thing I have ever said about my job is that I work in the beauty industry- which is true.  I have never mentioned what I do on this blog.  I have never mentioned the company I work for.  I have mentioned in the past that I am a licensed massage therapist, but I am not currently doing massage as a full time gig.  I basically quit doing massage once I got my bachelor's degree a few years back.

But I'm dying to tell you guys about these new opportunities!

This much I can say- I'm nervous.  If I decide to take on new opportunities, I will inevitably work more.  Which means I might work out less.  My old roomie that moved to LA, she went from working out all the time to working all the time and working out much less.  It started to show.  Now she's on a rampage to reverse the damage.  What if that happens to me?  I'm already struggling to keep things under control, what if I start working much more and let it all go to hell?

I just realized I'm stressing about a potential situation that might not even happen.  Haha!  I will say in my defense though- that there is a strong possibility that these things will happen after all.   I've been in that situation before- and I did really well.  I was on my routine (this is when I lived in UT) and it really paid off.  Hopefully I can get myself into that same kind of routine again.  The problem with this opportunity is, I may be traveling quite a bit more than I do now, and that will be something new to deal with.

I would like to type more- but my student/client is here. :)  I can say that much- can't I?  If these new opportunities present themselves, I'll tell you all about it- swear.

Ok- I'm going to quit stressing.  I'm excited though!  I hope I can conquer!!!!



  1. Good luck; hope someday to hear all about it:-)

  2. Sounds exciting Diz!!

    I hear what you're saying about taboo subjects. There's something liberating about having a blog that no one we *really know* is reading. I find it tricky even knowing I have one real-life friend reading my own blog. It simply makes it that little bit harder to be completely carefree with what I write, always taking care not to write anything that *may* offend her. Ultimately, when I'm at goal and my book is published, I know I will probably offend a lot of people. But by then I won't care as much.

    Anyway... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Congrats on the new opportunities. Its hard having to deal with a new schedule, I'm dealing with it head on right now and its tough. but you won't let it beat you and neither will I. I hope you get everything you want in life Dizzy.. you deserve it girlfriend!!!

  4. Let us know what you can. I know the fear of being found by an employer, though. I have it, too.

  5. Praying! God has a plan for you, fierce girl!