Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick Fix

I've been thinking a lot today.

Yesterday I came to a new place.  A place of peace.  Was it me finally giving in to the 5-10 pounds that I hate?  No.  They are still there and will still be battled with- furiously.  But I decided that beating myself up constantly over the 5-10 isn't worth my time- I have better things to do.  I decided this morning to start enjoying my food and try my best not to eat in excess.  I decided this morning that Weight Watchers really is one of the best plans out there- though I don't plan on going back anytime soon.  I like it best though because I feel like it's for real life.  It's true weight loss in a healthy way, you know?

Of course, right when I come to these decisions, NR gets a phone call.  We were meandering around Ikea- (we've been on a house rampage for 5 days) and her sister called to tell her the "drops got here in the mail".  Immediately she took her sister off speaker-phone and went to another part of the store to talk in private.  I continued to look at my shoe racks.

NR came back 10 minutes later.  "Listen, I was going to tell you, I was, but I haven't had time..." this was going somewhere great, I could already tell (sarcasm ladies).  Let me back up a second and give you more of the story:

When our other friend initially told us we were going to Vegas- she told us all that we had better get our butts in gear because she is actually performing at an event that will be broadcasting on TV.  I'm not sure how much I can say about it, so I won't say anything else.  She has been on a rampage to lose a few pounds because she is going to be on TV, which was understandable to the rest of us.  She told us though that the rest of us better be on a rampage too, because let's just say there are going to be a LOT of hot, single bachelors around for this event.  (WISH I could tell you more!)  We all immediately sat down and started discussing options to losing weight fast.  What could we do?  Ultimately, NR, Coco and I decided we didn't want to be a part of any of the crazy stuff because we knew it wasn't good for our bodies.  Then I cricked my neck and didn't work out for two weeks.  So much for losing any weight.  The other girls have been hitting it hard though, and look pretty good, if I do say so myself.

So now, NR's sister is doing HCG.  She and NR have been discussing it nonstop since last week- and NR is on board and ready to do it too.  She has already purchased stuff for me too- but I am a little hesitant.  I've had a few friends that have done HCG in the past and they have warned me not to do it because it messes up your metabolism and you go back to gaining all of your weight anyway (always fun).  NR's sister got this from her doctor though and the doctor has done it as well and says that it will work and if we have questions, she will be there for us.  Of course we have to follow the diet to a T, yada yada, but she says it will work.  It did on the doctor.  She also gave NR's sister a book to read and told us to read it too- NR's sister is reading it now.  She is sold and NR is too.  I don't know what to do.  Of course I would love to lose 5 pounds before Vegas.  I've pretty much given up any hope that I will lose that much by next weekend.  But I also love my body and don't want to do something to it that will hurt it.  And I don't want to pay for it later...as you do with fad diets.

She says you lose visceral fat first (fat around your organs, the most dangerous kind), then adipose fat (fat in your gut) then fat that's in the sinews and stuff- if you keep going.  We have a week and a half.  It would be nice to lose 5 pounds before Vegas.  I don't want to be the only biggun.  Because NR and I are not big girls, we would only need to do one cycle and then we'd be done.  There are three programs- a 15 day for people that need to lose 10-15 pounds; a 30 day for people that need to lose 20-40 lbs, and then a 40+ program.  There is a girl in my church that has lost over 50 pounds and still going on HCG.  I talked to her a week ago about it and she swears by it.  However, she's in the middle of the weight loss phase.  I don't know what happens after you're done.  If we started now (which NR is starting today and i'm supposed to too), we could easily have 5 pounds gone by Vegas.

Does anyone know anything about HCG?  Has anyone tried it?  Tips!!!! Advice!  I want to hear it all!!!!

Thanks friends-  xoxo



  1. Diz I want to lose weight so bad but that is a hormone. Its scary, that the same drug they give people to help treat fertility will help you lose weight. I personally don't think taking a hormone can be good for you. but the choice is up to you dear.

  2. First, thanks for your kind words on yesterdays post. I have an amazing life and so much to be grateful for. As I said, I have a lot of weight to lose but I am losing it and feeling better and better. I dream of being where you are... which leads me to my thought on todays post.

    I have a few friends that have done HCG very successfully and kept it off. I also know a couple that have lost some weight but put it back on quickly. I haven't even considered it because of how much weight I need to lose and the unknown risks. I wonder if I will feel the same when I am trying to get the last 20 pounds off.?.

    Anyway, I think that it will work but you have to be committed to following their plan strictly or it will come right back. I have a feeling that if I were going to Vegas with a bunch of friends I wouldn't be very committed to following the plan and it would probably come back in that very weekend I lost it for.

    That's what I think... and I think your great and that you should just go and enjoy Vegas as the beautiful person you are right now!

  3. Hmmm. I know nothing about this HCG. I was initially going to say that I didn't think a week of folowing any diet, no matter how stringent, could do long term damage. It's one week, you know?

    BUT, I was going to say that BEFORE I read the comments and discovered that it was a hormone. I vote a loud, "NO!" Too risky--especially since you have a wonky thyroid.

    Go on a too strict diet for a week if you want. You can cut out all sugar and flour. or cut out carbs. or eat only vegan.

    Doesn't matter, really. It's a week. You can stick to anything for a week and a week isn't going to hurt you--unless you mess with something like ingesting chemicals on purpose. :0.

    I wholeheartedly support your desire to shed a pesky 10 pounds--even though I think you are totally cute just like you are--I do. But I advise you to listen to that little voice in your head that's telling you there might be a risk here.

    I do realize that I'm the same age as your mother--older, maybe--so consider the source, I guess. But, I think it is unwise, sweetheart. I don't want you to hurt yourself.


  4. Wow, I never heard of that diet. HCG is a pregnancy hormone. Pregnancy meant 30 pounds to me, and it wasn't a weight loss!

    Just be careful, if you decide to try it.

  5. I've never heard of it either and will Google it now. Only *YOU* know your body best. Besides, is 5lbs *really* going to make a difference to how much you enjoy your time in Vegas?

  6. I'd second Sib's comment. I don't know that five pounds is really going to make a difference. I think you'd be best off spending your time drinking water so you have glowing skin, spending your money on a new hair cut, facial, manicure, whatever.

    Just my opinion. Absolutely no judgment here regarding your decision. Do what is right for you.

  7. I don't recommend the diet only because it's an expensive starvation diet. I've been following another blogger who is doing HCG, and her daily intake is limited to 500 calories a day (!!!) during the weight loss phase. I suspect the drops don't have much to do with it--anyone will lose 5-10 pounds a week only eating 500 calories a day. Save your money and keep doing what you know is right and healthy for your body.

  8. Hey Diz,,,, love your blog. Death by calories.... yeah! Thanks for poppin in on Sandwich 365. Love your thoughts on this issue and sorry to say I know nothing about HCG. Hey eating 500 calories a day was easy, everyone would be doing it. For me it's that switch that has to go off in my head, and that can take a flippin act of congress. Love, Keri

  9. My advice is that either way you're going to have to be strict. Rather than try something fairly "unnatural," why not try a cleanse? Normally I'm not a fan, but I really like Bethenny Frankel & found this on her site yesterday,

    Check it out as an alternative:0)