Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crosskick my Trash.

Ahhh...blessed Tuesday.

It's 9:21 am, and I'm already writing a post.  I have to write it now before I forget (like I could forget the ass kick that just happened).  My friend who is the cross fit trainer summoned me this morning for a cross fit session.  My plan was to do the cross fit with her and then go for my morning run- I planned to do at least 6 miles if not more to make up for the long weekend (I wasn't able to get a workout in yesterday because I was too busy and didn't get home until 10:47 pm...when I went promptly to bed).

Crossfit this morning kicked my ass- hard. HARD.  I get there and she tells me that she feels like the little 10 minute workouts we've been doing are too short and this morning (and from now on) the workouts will be a "little longer"...more like 20 minutes.  I'm like- um...okay.  Just what I wanted- an ass kick first thing in the morning.  The only thing keeping me going was the fact that they were under 10 minute workouts.  Now we are doubling it...greeeeeaaaaaaat...I barely made it out of bed and was able to scarf down a piece of toast so I would have SOMETHING in my stomach beforehand...now you want to double my workout time. Sigh.

This is what we did today:

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 20 minutes:

25 jump ropes
25 thrusters (this is where you do a squat and then push dumb bells over your head on the way up)
25 pushups
25 walking lunges with weights

in 20 minutes. GO!

I did 4 or 5 rounds; I lost count (luckily she kept count).  I wanted to throw up.  Seriously- I thought a few times I might.

There was absolutely no way I could run afterwards.  I tried.  I even tried to jog home.  NOPE.  I could barely walk; my legs kept giving out on me.  I'll have to go running tonight after work, which I don't know how I'm going to do because I have a dinner I'm hosting for a friend that's leaving town.  Sigh...this week is jammed packed with events until I leave for OK.  But I'm taking my running gear home with me so my sister and I can workout- it will be fun to run with her!  I really need the mileage today and tomorrow, I'm just not sure how I'm going to fit it all in...

Oh well- we'll see what happens!




  1. Gaaahhh my legs would not work either after that!

  2. I keep hearing about Cross Fit...sounds amazing ;)

  3. You sure answered the summons. I admire you for that! Hope you can move tomorrow!

    I'd have been toast in the first five minutes, if I survived that long.

    Go, Diz, GO!

  4. I love thrusters Diz! Yay! But you did a lot..and you should feel totally proud (and tired.) Ha I'm proud of you! Just saying!

  5. Wow, Diz!! that all sounds intense and so awesome. WTG!!