Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm in a Golden State..

I. AM. HOME!!!!!!!

Finally.  Finally finally- back to my sweet, beautiful California.  Oh how I love thee- California.  While I love being home with my family, it is becoming more and more evident that my life is here in CA.  My purpose is here.  Someone told me this weekend (as a joke of course) that California is going to fall off here pretty soon.  No. I wasn't having it.  It is NOT going to fall off!  It's too beautiful and the weather is too nice (even though today it's 105!!!!!!!)! It might fall off economically- but that's a different matter and of course now I'm rambling...

This weekend wasn't my best as far as diet/workout.  I did workout a few times- which is better than usual when I go home.  I'm really trying to get mileage, although you can't really tell because I keep having short weeks.  I ate a little too often while at home- but I never really ate too much at once.  Overall it was too much, but not all at the same time (if that makes sense).  But I ate often and usually something really fatty- or really sweet and fatty; so my diet was pretty bad.  My body feels jacked from all of the crap I ate- and I swear I look older.  I'm just so glad to be home- it's hard to be on your routine when you're on vacation and away from home.

But there is no guilt.  I know it's okay- I will just get back on the wagon today and pick up and move on.  That's what you do.  Get back on the wagon when it's time and keep truckin.  I'm excited to start watching my intake and working out consistently again.   The crossfit death trainer already texted me that she has 3 workouts planned for me this week that I will hate her for. :)  I'm nervous.

That's about all I have for now!  How are you?



  1. Welcome home. I know exactly what you mean, being away makes it hard to do the things that help with weightloss. But having fun while away is way more important and being able to enjoy your days is what life's all about, to me.

  2. It's good that CA is feeling like home. It's hard to be not quite settled in to where you live. Deb

  3. it's good sometimes to test out what you've learned outside of your routine. It's called life. :)

  4. I loved California - you are so blessed to live there - oh what I wouldn't give to run away to the wast coast for good.

  5. You know I feel the same way about NY! :) Crossfit is going to rock! Go for it babe!


  6. I just had to laugh while reading your post, used to live back east and all my friends tell me the same thing, Cali is going to fall off. Glad you are home!

  7. Sweet Home California, where the skies are so blue.

    That was a big hit back in my day, except someone got Alabama and California confused.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip to visit your family, and that you feel at home where you live. Big step to realize where your life is.

  8. Oh, my word verification was "disco"!!! How about that?

  9. Hahahaha I love it Genie! Your post made me laugh out loud. Great way to start my morning!