Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sicky D

How did I get sick?  I'm confused.

I'm one of those people that prides myself on NEVER getting sick.  I take vitamins all day long everyday.  I drink special "immune boosting" types of drinks.  I practically keep track of "when I was sick last" so that I can brag all the time about never being sick.  And now I'm sick.

I picked up something while I was home.  My mom kept saying it was allergies- but I knew it wasn't allergies!  I've never had allergies in my life.  She swears that my dad never did either until recently.

The good news is at least I'm not really hungry.  Maybe it will help me drop some of the 4 LBS I gained while at home.  4 LBS! WHAT THE...

Yesterday afternoon I decided to go see a matinee with a friend of mine, and he brought protein bars for us to snack on in the movie.  I ate half of mine and put the other half in my bag because I thought to myself half way through the stupid thing...I'm not even hungry, why am I eating this thing?  So I put the other half away.  He called me out on it after the movie and I was embarrassed.  Who watches how much you eat of your protein bar?  He thought I didn't like the taste!  But I actually really liked that particular bar- it was a chocolate mint flavor.  I just wasn't hungry.  I did end up eating anyway though...last night I found myself on Main Street enjoying Taco Tuesday at a local spot called Sharkeez...(yes, it's really spelled that way) before walking around for a little bit at the street fair.

The sad news is that my crossfit trainer is bummed.  She had a super hard workout planned for me today and I am too tired to work out.  Which is actually kind of a bummer because I'm anxious to work out right now.  For one, I'm kind of panicked about the mileage I should be getting for my 300 mile challenge.  Plus the Ragnar Relay is less than a month away!!! Sometimes when I think about it...I get super anxious.  I haven't actually participated in a race for almost 3 years!

Here is a picture for the last Ragnar Relay Race that I did in Utah- the Wasatch back.  I am the one in the bottom right hand corner with the blue hat on.  I was so happy!

I still have that little medal hanging in my room.

I am so nervous!



  1. You can do this; you don't want to hurt yourself further by working out before you're better, so take your time, recover, then hit it hard! You'll be able to get your miles in & complete the race. Go D!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! What a bummer!

    I'm sure you can do the Ragnar Relay Race, too. You'll be fine, just let your body rest. Usually when you get colds it's a way of your body saying "dude, take a break". Not bad to listen to such things on occasion. :)