Monday, September 13, 2010

Loud Ocean.

I just realized while going through my blog roll that I tend to follow 3 types of blogs the most: Running blogs, weight loss blogs (obviously), and recipe blogs.  There's a few random dating blogs in there; and a few coupon blogs, but mostly it's running, weight, and food.  I'm obsessed.

Today I got up and ran 6 miles in the morning, and it felt GREAT to run in the morning.  Lately I've been running in the evenings because I spend all day gearing myself up to run.  But today I had an interview in the afternoon for a part time job I'm trying to land (for extra $$$) and I needed to get cleaned up early.  There's nothing more annoying to me than getting all cleaned up for the day, then running my butt off later and getting my hair all sweaty and sticky and gross.  So I chose to run first, and I felt like it was a smart decision.  2 blocks away from my house my iPod died.  It sucked, but it wasn't an option to quit the run just because I didn't have music- so I ran the whole 6 miles just listening to myself breathe and the ocean crash on the shore (beach path again).  The ocean is actually a lot louder than people think.  You can't really sleep when it's constantly crashing on the shore all the time, even if the shore happens to be sand (which our shore is).  Luckily for me, I live half a mile away, so I don't hear it at night (I sleep with the window open almost every night).  You can smell the ocean from my house, but you can't hear it.  This was just one of the many thoughts I had while running (that I wouldn't be able to sleep with the ocean crashing like that, as opposed to those alarm clocks that make 'wave sounds' to help you relax and sleep.  The real ocean is not like that).  Thanks iPod, for giving me new sounds to hear since you weren't working and I couldn't just drown everything out and run my heart out like normal.  It was actually a nice change of pace for once.

Weigh in comes on Wed and I'm nervous.  I didn't do super stellar this weekend on the diet-o.  I need to eat fruits and veggies and some lean meats tomorrow to help me lean out before Wed a little- since I kind of overdid it on the carbs all weekend.  It was the first week back to WW!  I had to eat a bunch of carbs to make up for the Fat Flush depletion of carbs!!! :)

Other than that, I don't have much to tell.  My blog's one year anniversary is coming up quick and I am trying to decide what to do for it (Sept 19th).  Should I do a giveaway?  What do you guys think???  IDEAS people!  Realistic ideas, of course. :)




  1. You "giveaway" some of your optimistic self every time you write. Not necessary to do anything material, but I understand if you want to do something special to honor your blogiversary.

    Today, thanks for reminding me that there's an ocean out there.... It's been almost five years since I've visited one....

  2. Thanks for your comment yesterday. I am feeling a little better every I am working out no. matter. what.
    Running by the ocean sounds like bliss! I need to run more without my ipod...just enjoy the scenery and breathe.

  3. Wow, I wish I lived near some water!! I do live in the country with some amazing trees and clouds and I thank God for it every day. It's the little things, ya know?