Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It's kind of early for another post but I can't help it- I have to write this post in order to distract myself from eating.  It's only 11:21 and I'm just hungry today.  I've been snacking and eating all morning.  I have GOT to get a grip or I'm going to blow right through all of my points before 3 pm.  And tomorrow is weigh in- so today is NOT the day to overeat or over-indulge.


In order to help me stay a little stronger- I'm now sipping a Diet Coke.  Mmmmm...so refreshing.  I've been doing so good lately on NOT consuming soda; I really shouldn't start up this nasty habit again.  I sleep better, have more energy, am less bloated, have less headaches (when I don't consume soda's)...and yet there is just something about it.  What is it?  Who knows, but right now I need it's help to not eat. I blame TOM.  Still hasn't come, but all of the lovely side effects have shown up.  Nasty break out on my face, bloating, cramps when I run.  UGHHHHHH...

That is all for now- I'll write a "real" post tonight after I've contemplated the universe a little more.  For now, I'll just have to suck it up and be hungry.  Sometimes you just have to be hungry; it's part of dieting.  I wish I could say that you never have to feel it, but it's just not true.  You have to feel it.

XO Lovies!!



  1. Embrace the feeling, LOL that's impossible for me. Although I do like the feeling of a flat empty stomach, totally different, but maybe you can imagine that? Keep strong & good for you for voicing it rather than taking the next snack; I struggle with that at work ALL of the time! I need to keep busier or do something else; I've started going to the water cooler as a subsitute & gum really does help. Can't wait to hear your results:-)

  2. I've been soda free for two weeks now, and wow, would I love a diet coke. You are right. So refreshing.! Stay strong! And best wishes for tomorrow at weigh in.

  3. When I have an "eating day" I can usually control cravings by drinking a glass of milk. I always hold back enough calories in my bank for a glass in the evening to ward away cravings.

  4. Congrats on the one year anniversary of your blog- I am sorry I never got back to you about your last comment- I would love to meet up out here in Vegas! You should come out for the Vegas marathon in Dec.! ... hit 151 last weekend now back to 148. LUCKILY... I gotta get back on track!