Thursday, September 2, 2010

Peach and Pumpkin Pie Spice...

Surprisingly, my smoothie wasn't as good as I expected.  It wasn't bad, just not as yummy as i was anticipating.  At the last second I threw in some pumpkin pie spice...yeah, don't try that in a peach smoothie if you create your own.  I don't know why I thought pumpkin spice would be good in a peach smoothie...weird.  I'm not sure I was really thinking at all, that's probably the first problem.  But anyway, I still believe in the peach smoothie and I'm trying a different version tomorrow morning.  My roommate didn't feel like turkey burgers last night so I made them myself and they turned out WAYYYYYY better than I thought they would. :)  Yay for me!  I cooked my own healthy dinner!!!

I'm still loving my life on Fat Flush.  I was thinking about it today- and even though I miss sugar- I don't miss it that bad.  I don't miss what it does to me (the headaches; the binges; the hangovers).  I'm ready more than ever for my new life of fresh fruits and crisp healthy vegetables, lean meats, and refreshing water.  I've been mentally preparing myself for this for a few weeks now and I'm enjoying it.  I feel strong.  I have repeatedly mentally rehearsed the idea that this is a permanent lifestyle change- and I feel like now I'm starting to reap the positive effects of that decision and practice.  And it's so new!  I can't wait to see how it feels in six months from now.  Permanent.  Not because I'm trying to lose weight, and not until maintenance- and then I can eat crap again.  No.  I can practice restraint in my life- I realized one day during one of my mental rehearsals that I have cut out other things in the past that were bad for me and I can cut out bad foods too.  It's a habit and a practice just like any other practice or habit and I can change it if I want to.  I just have to focus; I'm focusing.

No more haze and ultimately depression.  The depression is 2 fold; 1 part guilt, 1 part sugar.  Did you know that crap foods are directly linked to depression and stress?  As in- they definitely can trigger depression (and probably enhance stress).  And healthy foods are linked to feelings of happiness, joy, and contentment. And Health!!!  There are scientific studies done on it and it's a proven fact.  Which is yet another reason that healthy people are usually happier and less stressed than those of us who eat like crap consistently.  I should find the link where I read that recently.  Think about it; think about the healthy people you know in your life.  It makes sense.  I'm happy to put all of that behind me now.  Now I get to focus on feeling light- feeling healthy- feeling clean and strong and healthy and alert and happy.  I actually like the way I feel right now- and I'm focusing on that more than anything else.  I'm sure there will be days that I struggle or days that I crash- but I don't even want to think about those days.  I can't.  I want to be positive and remember that I can be healthy- all the time. 

I didn't sleep well last night though; the supplements keep me awake, so I didn't take them with dinner tonight.  I asked my friend (who is doing it with me) if she is having problems sleeping, and she said no- she's actually sleeping like a log since we started this thing.  I tried last night (while awake at 4 am) to figure out online which supplement had the side effect of keeping me awake- but none of them claim that side effect.  It's probably just me- I have a tendency to have opposite side effects with herbal supplements.

So yeah- it's day 4.  It wasn't perfect- I didn't work out today (because I didn't sleep last night), and I didn't make perfect food choices- but I made good choices that were still healthy and I feel good and I'm happy.  



  1. :D Love the tone of this post! You've motivated me!

    And,you know, I've had trouble sleeping lately, too. It feels like I've had caffiene--except I haven't. For the last two days, the only thing I could think of that I'm doing differently is taking Vitamin D. I haven't looked it up, yet, but I will. Regardless of what I find, I'm not taking it tomorrow and will let you know what happens.


  2. I see you are now posting a pic of your beautiful face! Good for you- maybe I shall be so brave one day : ) What is this fat flush system? i will have to read on your other posts to get the backstory...

  3. Diz thats awesome that your making the move forward to optimal health for yourself. And no one was creating perfect. Your making a entire lifestyle change. Sometimes a slower transition is better. You can so this and I know in 6 months your gonna be as proud of yourself as the rest of us are! xoxoox

  4. Oh, my gosh, you and Precious Nephew are both so cute!!

    Really sounding good for the fat flush. Keep working it, Girl. You can do it! Believe in the peach smoothie. I like that!

    Enjoy the holiday weekend!