Monday, October 11, 2010

The End.

Why must all good things come to an end?

I've been thinking for some time now about shutting down my blog.  Weeks have turned into months and I've still avoided the topic because this blog has really helped me in so many ways and really meant so much to me.  All weekend I've mentally written this post over and over- but couldn't really bring myself to write it out.  Now it's Monday morning and I'm still here....trying to write it.  

I think it's time for me to end this blog- Death by Calories.

I've loved this blog and we've had good times.  The thing is- now that all I write about is weight loss only- there isn't much else to say.  Yes, I can continue to write endless blogs about how I'm struggling everyday- but that's not new and that will never end.  How many more ways can I say it and keep people interested? 

One of my favorite blog friends has been helping me make this decision and I'm so thankful for her help and her advise through this tough time.  She gave me the courage to finally just do it- and she knows who she is- Thank you.   I think you're wonderful and I couldn't have done this without you. 

For those of you who really want to stay in touch and really want to know what's going on in my life- please email me at and I will update you on what's going on in my life.  I do not intend to just disappear into an oblivion where no one sees or hears from me again- I'm just going to end this blog and take a little break from writing for now. 

Thank you to every friend who has ever written a comment on my blog.  You have supported me through thick and thin.  You have been my beam of light when I was in a dark place.  You gave me hope to keep trying- and I am so grateful.  



  1. *tear* i'll miss your writing, Diz, but i know that YOU know what's best for you. i will always be grateful for you supporting me. i feel like your comments were not just for the sake of commenting; that your words were sincere and came deeply from your heart- from a place of real understanding.
    keep in touch, dearie!

  2. I'll miss you. I wish you every happiness.

  3. brynn! I want to keep in touch- how can I get ahold of you? Will you email me please? I promise I will keep your information confidential- only if you're comfortable though. :) But you have really meant a lot to me and your comments have meant a lot and even though I could never comment to you- you still really touched me and I don't want to lose you. Email me PLEASE!

  4. Diz, Diz, Diz..... What will Bloggerville be without you? So truly one of the nicest, most honest women in this battle of the bulge.

    I wish you every happiness and all the joy you can stand in your life! There are many good things around the corner for you, I can feel it!

    Your support toward me has meant a lot! Thanks for every kind word you wrote. It's sad to say good-bye, but you must do what is right for you.

    You will go far being yourself!!!



  5. Awww. So sorry you're not getting what you need from your blog.

    It seems that when we find ourselves wondering about our audience, if we are keepng them intersted, rather than saying what we need to say or expressing our hearts--then, our blog no longer works for us. It loses it's power and becomes meaningless.

    I don't know if that is the case for you of course, fierce girl, but I know it is for me. If I have too many fluffly posts, I feel like a wife who tells her husband, "You're here in body, but you aren't really present."

    Hmmm. Okay, I'll stop before I get weirder. I just know that I have to tighten up my blog regularly or I lose touch with it. I don't have much of a tolerance for surface chit-chat.

    I've valued your friendship and will miss you. If you resurface or ever need anything, let me know. :)

    Best of everything, fierce girl!


  6. I will miss you and hearing about all your fun on the west coast. I have really really really appreciated all of your sweet comments. You are so awesome. I wish you the best and really do hope you keep in touch.

  7. sorry to see you go! Good luck in all your journeys!

  8. OH MAN! how did I miss this??? Let's still keep in touch... Ive started a new blog- but I will get in touch via email!
    -Luzanne/ formally losingmythighs

  9. Oh Diz, I'm lost for words yet understand what you're doing. I will miss your writings.

    Best of luck in all that you do (*_*)