Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weighed in.

Every time...

Every time I think I'm doing so good (like today- I weighed in at 142.6), I have to go and sabotage myself.  

But before I complain about how badly I sabotaged myself- let me start out by giving myself a HOORAY!  Woot woot!  I lost 4 pounds this week! I rock! I'm amazing!  I got "angry", as my dear Drazil would say.  And it paid off. 

And then I had to 'celebrate'.  

Today started out awesome enough- the rain was really coming down this morning so I went to the gym to do 55 minutes on the stairmaster.  I kicked trash!  I was dripping sweat like no one's business.  I seriously was killing it and it felt GREAT.

The problem is, my roommate has me addicted to these Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates from Starbucks so after the intense workout (in the am), I felt I needed a starbucks on my way to work.  Now, I've been doing so good on cutting back on the diet soda's; now is NOT the time to substitute sugary, heavy hot chocolate for diet soda.  However, it's the 2nd one I've had in less than 24 hours.  But I logged the points and went on with my day.

The rest of the day was shaping up awesome when I got a text from someone to meet up for thai- there is a new place we've  been talking about trying and it was time.  Um....

Thai food is apparently crack to me.

I inhaled everything in sight- and after 2 or 3 hours, am laying in my bed with shooting stomach pains (from the fullness).  When will I learn?  When am I finally going to say to myself- wait...last time this hurt to eat this much- I should stop now...

I will admit, there were a few times in the night I tried to put my chopsticks down and drink a little water.  I would think- I'm full, I need to stop.  Did I? No.  Of course I didn't or I wouldn't be writing this post.  I thought when we left that it wasn't THAT bad (the pain).  It's only now, as I lay in my bed with a full stomach and that sickly feeling, that I realize the errors of my ways.  You can't eat this much this late at night.  My body just isn't the just doesn't feel good.  I don't know how, for so many years, I would pound 1/2 pound cheeseburgers and fries at 2 am during my twenties.  What the...?  How did I LIVE to make it to my 30's?

Anyway- I'm sure it'll take me a few days to work this all back off- and that's okay.  As long as I can be good through the weekend and get back out on the pavement- I'll live.  I just hope this rain let's up so I can get back to the beach...I'm starting to miss it...




  1. I LOVE me some salted caramel hot chocolate. But I stay away from it like the plague. I save it for decorating the christmas tree, and that's about it. Otherwise, I would have to allow enough points for one every day. And that's not cool.

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