Saturday, October 3, 2009

I don't really feel like writing a ton write now- so I'll give you this short update-

Ran 4.5 miles this morning. Wasn't super easy but wasn't hard either.

Started out the day well but a co-worker made macaroni au gratin for my last day at work today and of course I had to have some (to be polite- right?). It was delicious and I scarfed it down- but it had cheese on it so it wasn't on my vegetarian diet. The interesting thing is my stomach started cramping a little after I ate it- maybe I'm mildly lactose intolerant? I don't know- I normally don't stop eating dairy long enough to find out. Of course I had to have a little ice cream to soothe my aching belly. :)

I also went up to Santa Monica tonight to have dinner with a couple that I just adore. We went to 3rd Street Promenade (for those of you familiar with LA) and we stopped at Johnny's Pizza. I didn't want pizza- but I also didn't argue. Surprisingly I got a vegetarian salad with the dressing on the side and it was decent. Not the best salad in the whole world but I wasn't starving and I was just proud that I didn't get pizza. Well, I did have a half of a slice of my friend's but after tasting it, I was glad I didn't get a whole one myself (like both of them did) because it was salty and gross. Both of them were complaining the whole time about their pizza's too.

Anyway- so that's my day in a nutshell. Overall I'd give myself a B- on the day. I did have a few keebler elves cookies that my roommate bought and I did have a little fro-yo today so all in all it wasn't the best day ever. But hopefully I maintained my weight so tomorrow I can jump back on the wagon. Now all I have to do is get through dinner with Marty tomorrow night and I'm golden!

Happy eating and reading friends-


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