Sunday, October 11, 2009

I have the best Man.

Long weekend over- back to the grind. FINALLY.

It started Friday night- after work. Around 9:30. Marty called me to see if my friend Lara was here yet (my friend comes into town once a month to play and he knew I was picking her up from the airport that night). She had actually been delayed in Phoenix so I was just hanging out (eating a McDonald's ice cream cone dipped in chocolate yet AGAIN). Well, he said something new to me. I was expecting him to say something like, "I want to see you before she gets here- let's go grab dinner quickly." but instead he said, "D, put your workout clothes on- I'm coming over to pick you up and we're going to the gym in 15 minutes." At first I was totally taken aback- he has never done anything like this before and it was Friday at 9:30. At night. Normally we're dipping our bread in melted garlic butter somewhere at this point. I was confused and fell into silence. "What?" I finally muttered (20 seconds later maybe?). "I'm not kidding, i'll be there in 15" he chuckled as he hung up. Why was he doing this? Thoughts swirled in my mind as I finished my ice cream and stayed planted. Did he think I was fat and needed to get me to the gym? Was he embarrassed by me? I have gained about 5 pounds since last immediate reaction was to try and thwart him at the door when he arrived- as I've mentioned before, I get self conscious when it comes to Marty and working out. He works out all the time and he's in great shape. I figured- I would try to just hang out...if that didn't work, I would try distracting him with kisses...all types of plans A and B and C and D were forming in my mind. Out of panic I made up my mind- I was NOT going to the gym with him. Better safe than sorry. I didn't need to break into a sweat on the treadmill. I could just see myself in my mind's eye...before I knew it, there was a knock at the door. Crap.

Needless to say, despite my protests and my tantrum, he drug my ass to the gym. He MADE me go, and at first I ventured back and forth between being embarrassed about going to the gym with him and being embarrassed about how I was acting in attempts to get out of it. I seriously was pulling out all the stops and dipping to new lows to get out of it. I was angry; I was stubborn; I was accusatory and pouty. I said No a thousand times. He waited patiently. I didn't get up. It took 3o minutes just to get me upstairs to change my clothes. I did everything I could think of, but he still made me go; telling me all the while that I would be thankful when we were done. Maybe he was reminding himself that HE would be the thankful one. Thankful that it was over and he could get away from me; I was seriously acting horrible. But the whole way to the gym he was hugging me and holding my hand and laughing and I couldn't stay mad. Next thing you know, I found myself on the stairmaster with him right beside me. He told me as we started up our machines that he had never done the stairmaster before- but he was happy to try something new. He was willing to try it because he just wanted to talk to me and keep me company while I stepped my heart out. Isn't that so cute? I was a little humbled, I must admit. 20 minutes later he was sweating like a stuck pig and told me he had to go lift some weights. :) It was cute, and I realized he was right- I was suddenly so thankful. Not only is he so great (and supportive), I was having FUN with him...and it felt so good to be working out again. It had literally been about 2 weeks. And I knew, despite all of my crazy internal thoughts, that he made me go because he knew I was struggling and I needed to be pushed. How did I get so lucky????

Needless to say- Lara and I pigged out all weekend. I physically feel like crap- too much junk food, too much sugar, too much starchy carbs and not enough workout. But I do have to say that she's lost over 40 lbs and she still eats out and enjoys herself- we were talking about it this morning and she reminded me that it's all about moderation. I can do it! I'm excited about the new week- now that training is over at work and I can control my schedule a little better- I can start fresh. Yes, I still have a ton on my plate right now. But that's life- we will always have birthdays, and friends in town, and anniversaries, and family reunions, and weddings, and time to catch up with old friends. And work parties, and work lunches, and trainings, and on and on. And it will all involve food- that's how we do it here (in America). Who wants to go to a party that doesn't have food? Ha! I laugh at the mere thought of it! And yet I need to get stronger so I don't have to fall every time I'm invited either... but I repent of my ways and I'm starting anew! Bring on Monday!

Happy Sunday peeps-



  1. I'm LOVING your blog! Esp bc I know everyone you are talking about. Hehe! You've got yourself a pretty darn great guy there, D! I'm so glad about that!
    Doesn't my sis look fanfreakintastic? I can't believe it! She's my inspiration! It just goes to show, you can have your cake and eat it too! As far as you gaining 5lbs in a few days, please! You have to stop weighing yourself daily! 1x a week, max! There is no way you can gain that much in a few days!
    Glad you all had a great weekend and I'm sad I missed out! I will come see you soon! As long as you take me Javier's! ;) And hopefully we won't stuff ourselves. Haha! Oh wait! You+me+vacation= TROUBLE! ;)

  2. I have to agree with your friend though you probably already know that, right?
    I eat cake, pad thai and my other favorite foods, but I eat healthy foods most of the time. And I'm down over 53 pounds so I know it can be done (which is awesome because I have to lose more.)
    Your boyfriend is awesome for doing what he did..:) And it's so awesome that you're getting back into a groove. Today is always the perfect day for that. :)
    Best of luck this week, and obviously, I'll be checking to see how you're doing! :)