Friday, November 27, 2009

The day after

I lucked out last night because when Marty came over, he forgot about ordering a pizza. :) Today I went running my standard route- about 5.5 miles. I've done pretty good as far as food is concerned- of course it's only 3 in the afternoon and the weekend is only beginning. I realized today on my run that I have this tendency- I was thinking about being committed to my weight loss and how everyday we have to recommit to the cause in order to see results. Well, I realized that if I do well one day, I tend to lighten up on myself for the next day or two. I either won't work out or if I do, I lighten up on the diet and eat what I want. I rarely have 2 great days in a row. I realized this because I was running and in my mind I was thinking- but yesterday you went on a bike ride and ate pretty well, so why are we running 6 miles today? No wonder I've been struggling with my weight loss! So in the middle of my death run, I recommitted to this day. What happened yesterday doesn't matter. What happens tomorrow remains to be seen. But what happens today- well, that I can control. And I want to have 2 great days in a row now.

Ha! Right as I type that out, Marty started texting me, seeing where I'm at and what I'm doing. If we end up together tonight, dinner could still be a disaster. I still have to watch it! ALWAYS have to watch it- especially with that boy.

Ok, I'm out. I hope your Black Friday is going great and you're staying the course! If not, you can always start again.


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  1. You are so right...we need to do our best with eating and exercise (almost) every day. It works...:) Kudos to you for realizing that..:)