Friday, November 20, 2009

Diz on the Soapbox

Well, I wasn't going to blog tonight. Marty is on the way to pick me up for a movie, but I just read a post on someone else's blog and I got so fired up that I have now resigned to typing like a mad woman in attempts to remind everyone to take care of themselves. Let me explain.

While I am no longer a full-time practicing Massage Therapist, I still do massage on the side and have done massage for the last 7 years. Up until 2006 I worked as a massage therapist full time (in 2006 I finally graduated from college and retired my full time gig. Now I just do it on the side for extra cash. In fact, I just did a massage tonight!). I'm fully licensed, including a national certification and several different specific modality massage licenses- including thai-yoga massage, sports massage, neck, shoulder and knee injury, deep tissue, hot stone, reiki (which is actually energy work, not massage) and a few others. The bottom line is this- while I do not claim to know everything about massage or everything about the body (who can know it all anyway?), I do have a little experience working with the human body and I can tell you that if I've learned ANYTHING in my year's practicing massage- I've learned this:

You only get ONE body- if you decide not to take care of it- you will pay the price. Whether now or later- YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE.

Ok, I hate to do this, but i have to run, Marty is here. But I will talk more about this again later because it's a super important topic to me and I am NOT DONE lecturing from my soapbox!

Take care of yourself guys!



  1. :D You go, girl! :D Deb

  2. You're absolutely right...and I'm doing it which feel so awesome.