Sunday, November 22, 2009

Death scale.

The home scale- my roommates new scale- is not my friend.

No matter how many times or when I weigh, that stupid scale says something different. But I can tell you this much- if it has any accuracy at all- it says I haven't lost anything in two weeks. It keeps the fluctuation within the same 6 pound range. One day I'm up 4 pounds, the next I'm down 4. The other night I came home from having dinner with Marty and randomly jumped on it and I was at the lowest (with my clothes on) that I've been in over a year. I stared at the thing in disbelief for like- 20 seconds. 2 hours later I jumped on again (I did not eat or drink anything- and i was simply testing the scale, not being obsessive...believe it or not) and it said I was up 3. That was when I was sure I could not trust that stupid thing. There's no rhyme or reason to my gains or losses according to that thing. Right now (night before weigh in) it says I'm up 2.2 pounds (from last official weigh in).

I'm stressed.


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  1. My body weight fluctuates by as much as five pounds depending on what time of the day it is. I'm consistantly 3-4 lbs. heavier right before I go to bed as when I wake up (maybe I sleep jog?). That's why I do my weigh-ins at the same time of day each week.