Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Staying the friggin course.

I'm recommitting to my efforts today. Yes, you have to recommit everyday, and no, I don't usually have some kind of ceremony to recommit myself. But I'm thinking about starting one. Maybe it sounds silly/crazy/obsessive to you- but I've been thinking about it for a little while. What if I did have some kind of official 'recommit ritual' that I did every morning? Would I be more committed?

One part of the ritual I've determined is essential is the exercise. I know I've said it before; but watching BL last night just reconfirmed my suspicions. Weight Loss just isn't the same without exercise; Plus it feels good to work my body. It feels good to wake up sore. Not "I can't move" or "I have too much lactic acid in my muscles 'cause I didn't drink my water and I overworked myself" sore, but "I worked hard and put my body through a challenge" sore. Part of today's commitment? To get my exercise in no matter what.

Another part of the ritual must be a commitment to drink my water. Last week I had no soda. It felt really good. My whole body felt better and my skin looked better. My family commented on how good my skin looked while I was home; I know it sounds crazy but I really think it was all the water I was hoarding. We all know soda is bad; and yet when I'm getting something to eat, if offered some kind of combo, I still have a tendency to get the diet drink. I've become good at saying no to the combo 'cause I've found I'm fine without the chips or the fries, but the soda? I'm recommitting for another day- no soda. Plus, my sister talked to her doctor (she just had a baby and is concerned about the 30 pounds she gained. HA!) and she asked him what the fastest way to drop belly fat was, and he told her- cut the sodium. Diet soda's/frozen meals are PACKED solid with the stuff. I'm cutting the sodium for today.

I will get my 5 fruits and vegetables today. If' I'm trying to get those in, I don't usually have room for chips/crackers/cookies. They're low in points and high in fiber.

I will stretch my body today.

I will take a moment to think of the things I'm grateful for in my life, including my body which is miraculous in and of itself.

I will work hard today; whether it's my workout (I will give it my all today) or it's my job.

I will take a moment to really laugh today.

I will tell someone that I love them today.

I will stay within my points and have a fabulous day working on my weight loss.



  1. Drinking water and cutting out salt has helped me tremendously w/losing belly fat! Also stopped chewing gum which helps!
    Good for you for recommitting to yourself & vowing to get moving! Go fot it! :)

  2. Go for it Diz! :) I love your daily commitment idea. It's awesome. You rock.