Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It's been awhile. The thing is, I'm kind of getting burned out with blogging all the time about my weight loss. I mean, I'm still have to work on it, but how many times can I say that? Everyday I either say- today I worked out and today I ate well. OR Today I pigged out and slacked off. I've been saying that for over 60 days now.

It's boring.

So here's the deal- if there are specific things I should discuss or you think I should try to discuss or research or give my opinion on, please comment and let me know. Otherwise I'm taking a break til I feel like writing something substantial. Could be after the holidays...could be before...who knows. But if there are things worth blogging about, I will blog about them. I will research the things I don't know, and give my un-humble opinion on things I want to. But what do people want to read about? Cause I know my daily struggle is not that interesting. It's not even interesting to me to blog about it.



  1. I think it's probably interesting to others because they struggle too, you know?

    But whatever you want to do is fine with me as long as you don't leave twitter, etc.

  2. Send me your results for the BL challenge! It looks like you lost some since we started! Yay you!

  3. Hey, Diz. Whether you blog or not should be determined by what works for YOU.

    Personally, I LOVE your posts. Reading your struggles and thought processes is often as tho I am reading my own.

    We blog for a lot of reasons: to express ourselves, vent, find clarity, seek support, offer what works, find and provide healing and more. In the process, the human condition is revealed in our little splashes of print.

    I know that I, too, have struggled with continuing to blog. When I have been honest, open, raw and then get comments telling me that is not how I should feel or sound or be--well meaning as those comments are--my response is to not want to open myself up for that again. But, I also don't want to blog plastic. I am too old & have seen too much to waste my time on fluff to get approval.

    To me, if a post isn't real, it's not worth my time to read or to write. Real doesn't always get good press in our "you must look good and sound upbeat" world, but it is invaluable nonetheless.

    Anyway, I said that to say: Diz, your posts are always real. That makes them worth our time to read. Only you can decide if they are worth your time to write.

    Love you--no matter what. :)