Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pile on the Pounds. NBD.

Every time I think I'm getting ahead...I'm starting to make progress, I feel myself getting stronger...I do something stupid to set myself back. Today? Pounding pasta like it's the end of the world. Last night was the church Christmas party, and there were a ton of leftovers. So they dished up heaping plates of pasta from Bucca Di Beppo and told everyone at church to come grab as many plates as they wanted to feed their families. After that, anything left went to some service thing. So of course I took home a plate. Never mind that I skipped the party last night so I wouldn't eat the food. Which means all day I had pasta, pasta, 2 pieces of peppermint cake, and more pasta. Dang it! Dreading weigh in tomorrow. As usual.


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  1. Hey, Diz. I put this huge comment on here and now it's gone.

    sigh. The gist is: I know what you mean! The minute I seem to have a handle on this, I mess up. Just shootin myself in the foot...