Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last day of the friggin year...

I remember a long time ago (7 or 8 days to be exact), when I was eating all healthy and working out everyday and I was looking and feeling great. Oh...the good old days.

This past week has been a disaster. To make things just perfect, my roommate just informed me that we're going to a dinner/photo shoot thing tomorrow where we have to dress up and look great for, and we're also going to breakfast with the party thrower (for tomorrow nights event). She's putting pictures on her website to show her party planning abilities. Kill me now. Not only am I feeling and looking bloated and fat, I have nothing to wear to this event that will be posted all over her blog.

I thought the death overeating was done like/with the I'm finding out that it's followed me back home. I've never felt like such crap (well, maybe I have, but it's been awhile.) I can tell in my bedroom mirror that I've put weight back on- I'd say 3-5 pounds? I'd go to WW tomorrow (I was planning on it), but right now I'm I dare face the scale? I usually do weigh ins on Mondays...but right now I'm desperate to find out the damage so I can start the repairs. And I'm so full, of course the roommate and I both got home today from our out of town visits and polished off In-N-Out cause we have no food here. I'm doing REAL well, I tell ya.

Keep you posted on tomorrow's events. Happy New Year! May you feel healthier and happier than I do right now!



  1. Oh, no! I feel for ya, fierce girl. Am not far behind you in feeling overstuffed and under-disciplined.

    I'm on the highway, but with a definite limp! I'm up about4 pounds. My reg mtg is Thursday and is cancelled--so I have a reprieve till Jan 7. Tho, like you, I'm tempted to go weigh-in somewhere just to get that "fresh start" feeling.

    On the other hand, to see a gain and be back over 200---I dunno if my psyche can handle it! (I'm under 200 on my scale--naked. But WW still won't let me weigh-in nude.)

    Here's the thing--many of our twitter/blogger friends are in the same sad situation. It was the holidays and we did what people do. Now we'll do what fierce seekers of healthy weight do--get back up and going.

    Do your best at the foodfest and march on.

    Did you see those baggy jeans on me in my Christmas post? What a hoot. The scale is being mean, but the clothes are big. Your's are too!

    I know you're gonna knock that weight right out of your way. Yes, you are!

    Onward and forward! And so glad you're home.


  2. No Diz! Go Monday...Do your best over the weekend, and face it when you'd normally face it.

    Here's the thing are positively gorgeous. If I were you, I'd be walking around feeling like a rock star. I know you're not exactly where you want to be, and I know it's a struggle. But you are stunning girlfriend...s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g.

    I'm glad you're 'back.' Make today count as a good one..and tomorrow...