Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well, it may be a new year, but it seems I'm not up to new tactics.

Tonight I somehow ended up in an Italian hub on Main St in HB....Luigi's. And I somehow ended up with a plate of Chicken Marsala with grilled vegetables. And I MAY HAVE ended up at a friends house for blondies afterwards. Sigh. And the new weigh in is tomorrow. First weigh in of the friggin year. Why is it always the night before weigh in...I swear...

I would go on, but I'm struggling right now with some other issues in life and don't feel like writing much. This last month has been hard for me. My problems came to a head yesterday.

Hopefully, when I surface again (which I will), I'll have more to say. And I'll be more chipper.

Happy Friggin New Year.


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  1. Hey, Diz. Sorry you're having a hard time. You're right--you will surface. I'm praying for you, fierce girl. :) Deb