Sunday, December 13, 2009

No party in the USA here.


Again, I was doing so good. (Don't I start every post this way?)

The words, "I take two steps forward, I take two steps back" just keep playing over and over in my mind.

Why is it always 2 days before weigh in that I start to slip? Maybe I should change the weigh in date to Saturday. The problem is, even if I change the date, the weight still isn't coming off. And why isn't the weight coming off, you ask so politely though we both already know? Because I can only be good 60% of the time. And 60% doesn't cut it at my current weight.

Yesterday started out innocently enough. I was down on the scale and I was feeling strong and good. I knew I had 2 more days and one more hard workout (last chance workout) to get to weigh in. And I was excited. I knew I could do it; I'd developed a plan. Again, you hear this same sob story every weekend. Every weekend I'm excited, every weekend...FAIL.

Well, that plan was short lived, as is always the case with my stupid weekends. My roommate and I had planned to go to LA for the night, and I was on track to go and look good. I'd coasted through Friday night like a soft breeze. I coasted through Traffic School like the vet I am, and all the "treats" for all of the correct answers you get there. I went to the gym after traffic and had an amazing stairmaster ass kick. I came home and was feeling great. Marty called to take me to dinner and I had a few hours before we left so I decided, why not? He really wanted to go to my friend's Peruvian restaurant and though I was a tad bit nervous cause the food is always so heavenly, I thought- I got this. I can do this. Nothing is going to stop me now. There are these random few times where Marty and I go to dinner and I actually make it. I thought maybe this would be one of those times. I forgot, yet again, about Marty's pounding habits. And my inability to stay strong when he's in a pounding mood. Sigh...

The good news is I got a box, so I didn't finish EVERY LAST BITE, like I normally do. I did eat a little too much, but we didn't get dessert and I got a vegetarian dish (still on my little kick) so at least all I ate was vegetables and rice. And seriously, us not getting dessert was kind of huge. It was because he'd eaten so much by the time my friend came around with the ice cream that he smiled and said, "we're good" without even asking me. But I was good too, so no dessert was actually a huge break.

Well, if that dinner had been the only thing, I probably would've been ok. It was the french fries at McDonald's at 2 am after dancing all night at the club with my friends in LA that really did me in. I didn't even order them. My friends and I stopped at McDonald's on the way home and they both got something to eat and I got a Diet Coke. And then the lady went and put 2 things of fries in our bag (no one ordered fries). And guess who volunteered for one...which turned into 2...which turned into the rest of the batch? Yes, you guessed it. DizFatty.

I woke up this morning thirsty- which is always a bad sign to me. Most people would assume I was thirsty from drinking the night before- but no no, I don't drink. I get thirsty when I eat too much and go to bed and my body has to try to cope with the blast of calories all through the night. And I haven't gone shopping in about 3 or 4 weeks. Which means, not only am I eating out all the time, but I also don't have a lot of healthy options to get me through today. And it also means since I'm trying to do this vegetarian thing a little more, that I'm eating all carbs again today cause I have no fruits and veggies in my house. UGH! I need to figure out a plan fast- weigh in is tomorrow.

Heaven help me, yet again.


At least at Dinner I still got a

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  1. Dear Diz,

    Why does this happen? This feeling strong, having a plan and then--kapow, bullet directly into foot? Shrug.

    If you reread my post called something like: "Bad choice, crisis, more bad choices." You'll see that I dont' have a clue--just the pattern.

    If some wise soul has a real answer for you, please pass it on to me. Until then, we'll just keep limping down our Highway to Thin--

    But DO hear me--we WILL continue down that highway--sore foot or not--we WILL keep going.

    :) Love ya, Diz!

    Your hopalong friend,