Monday, January 4, 2010

Where will YOU be in 70 days?

So I sucked it up and went to WW this morning...and I'm down .8!!!! I'm so happy! How this happened...I do NOT know. I've only worked out 2x's in the last 2 weeks and I've pretty much eaten everything in sight. I'm so happy with the results though. Sometimes I've noticed with my body that the consequences are delayed meaning I can be really bad for a few days and it doesn't show on the scale until I try to start losing again...which means the next few weeks might be hard to keep dropping.

The good news is I feel kind of ready to have the rampage be on. I really want to kick it in to high gear and get going on this weight loss thing, I want to look GOOD by summer. I really want to make it happen! I live in sunny CA! It will be "summer" much faster here than anywhere else...and once summer hits...

Today at my WW meeting we talked about a 10 week program and I started thinking about where I could be in 10 weeks... 10 weeks from today is March much could I lose by then? It's technically 70 not quite 3 months (90 days), but a little over 2 months. I keep thinking to myself, if I have an actual date in mind, maybe it will motivate me more to actually push to get to the end date...instead of just going and going until summer hits. How much happier and more confident could I be if I was even down 10 more pounds by the end of 70 days? I think it's time to shoot for it. 10....why not make it 15? I want to shoot for a 15 lb weight loss by March 8th.

Ok! I'm off to the gym! Day 1 is on and I have to finish the day strong! Good luck on your rampages



  1. Congratulations on your loss! What a wonderful surprise!!! Happy, happy, happy! :D


    P.S. When you started talking about "for summer," I thought, "What!?! It's just the beginning of January. I'm freezing!!! (It's about 18 degrees here.)

    But, you know, you're right. In less than three little months, it will be spring! Man, that puts a whole new perspective on things. Thanks!

  2. I'd like to be 100 pounds down by April 2 which means I need to lose 10 pounds in January, February and March. If I don't make it to 100, I'll be very, very close. :) In the next 10 weeks, I should be down about 90.

    I'm glad you had a good weigh kick it into gear and do it a few weeks in a row. This is a great goal! Go for it!

  3. Girl, its on!!!!! I have some huge goals for the next 90 days too! And I sort of feel like if I work my ass off I can hit those goals.

    Congrats on your loss... and thanks for passing the fire on...