Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 4 of my 70 day Rampage

Well, today didn't go so well, and I'm a little frustrated and bummed. A friend unexpectedly came into town last night and you know how THAT goes. Dinner, Lunch, and dinner- out. Healthy- out. Exercise- out. Ice cream and other treats- Overboard. But not to worry! I decided while working today that it's ok, I am going to make a more refined plan for this 70 days than what I've been doing. Here's what I'm thinking:

For one thing, I've noticed everyone else is kicking it into high gear, and I think maybe it's time I do this as well. I've been doing a lot of cardio over the last few months, but not much else. Other than a little love affair with yoga, nothing else has been happening but straight cardio. I've purposely cut out weight lifting because I feel like my arms are smaller when I don't lift. Also, I'm not as hungry so I don't constantly seek out food when I'm not lifting. I can go several hours without constantly thinking of food. But I KNOW that weight lifting boosts your metabolism and helps you tone and drop more fat than if you're not doing it. And right now, it's all about dropping the weight, and doing it steadily.

I've also been trying to be more "vegan-ish" lately, because after reading and studying several studies I've felt that it's more in line with the kind of healthy lifestyle I want to lead. I've thought long and hard about including meats and dairy products back into my diet (because of the lifting) and I think for now it's the right thing to do. For one thing, I never became truly vegan for long anyway, I've just been trying to adopt it more. I want to continue to do this. It's already made a huge impact on how I feel and how much energy I have. Especially watching my dairy intake, it's made a huge difference for me. But I love cheese so much! If I'm going to go back to seriously lifting though, I just feel that the protein I get from meat cannot compare to the protein in beans and nuts. :) For another, my muscles have been aching lately, which is really strange considering I haven't been lifting or doing anything that would cause an ache. Today it felt like maybe I pulled my left hamstring; it just started hurting half way through the day and I didn't even workout today. So why it started hurting is beyond me, but it feels like I pulled it. Weird. I've been doubling to tripling up on my bean intake (I eat beans everyday, and lots of them) to get my protein, I'm wondering if the ache is coming from ingesting a different kind of protein. (In some of the studies I've read, the protein from beans and the protein from meat is not the same type of wouldn't it probably affect my muscles differently?) I'm not sure, because I haven't been "vegan" long enough to cause any long term affects at this point. Plus I end up eating meat or cheese once or twice a week. Maybe I'm just getting sick...who knows. It's just odd to me because I've never had issues with my muscles aching and being sore for no reason before. I feel like I'm rambling now...

In any event, I'm super excited about the new efforts I'm going to make as far as my workouts are concerned, starting tomorrow morning. It will be a fresh new day, my beloved friend will head home, and if anyone is looking for me, they can find me in the gym. :) :)



  1. Hey, Diz.

    Did you know that you are just full of courage?

    You are willing to reveal your hopes, your slip ups, your weight gains and losses and the actual number of pounds that you weigh. You share your personal struggles, your thought processes and even your frustrations.
    Do you know how rare that is?

    Pay attention to other blogs that you read--many are no where near as open as you are. Optimism in print is popular--reality is a risk!

    When transparency is a habit, we can forget how much courage it takes to be that way. How much integrity is involved. How strong you have to be to push through the fear of being real.

    I just thought I'd remind you of some of the good stuff you have inside. :D ...I can be good that way. chuckle.

    You go, fierce girl!


  2. Press on, my twitter bestie. You have such a good outlook today, and you can dominate tomorrow if you make that the goal.

    It's also possible to make healthy choices when you're out. It just takes some extra work and a little extra time. Once you start changing your eating, particularly at restaurants, you'll notice that your desires start changing. Like, I used to crave fried chicken and now I crave cannellini beans and escarole. It just takes a few months for that to happen. :)

    I can't wait to hear how well you rock it tomorrow. You are one of my favorite people ever...and beautiful inside and out.