Thursday, January 28, 2010

I need a pool boy.

Today was a FANTASTIC day! Sometimes I'm in love with my rampages...have I ever mentioned that? Nothing feels better than to make a goal, fight for it, and SUCCEED!!!!!!

This month I almost doubled my sales budget at work. I love being successful. I love being successful at work, but also in my personal life. Today was a great day for weight loss as well. I went to the gym and lifted weights and then did cardio right after. I was in the gym for an hour and a half! I'm never at the gym that long, but today it just felt right- so I did it. I'm getting more and more in shape, so being in the gym for longer periods of time doesn't bother me. I also ate soo well; I had lean proteins, tons of veggies and fruits, and tons of water. I had tons of energy, the sun was shining, it was warm outside and I just felt amazing all day.

Lately I'm feeling like my blog is nothing but a "check in" spot for me. But I want it to be more than that; I want to offer more information on health and wellness. So I'm going to start working on that. :) Tonight I'm adding a link to an article that I read this morning about lifting weights that really helped me get in gear in the gym this morning. It reminded me of stuff I already knew, but somehow forgot again. Here it is: If you're wondering whether you should lift heavy or light weights- this article has the answer! Check it out. :)


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