Friday, January 29, 2010

Little D

Have I mentioned that once I weigh in at 144, I no longer will be in the overweight category on the BMI scale? I can't WAIT! This morning I weighed in at 145. I'm striving so hard to get there by Monday (I'll take 144.9 and count it, I don't care). It feels soo good to be much closer to my goal and so much closer to being out of the "overweight" category.

It's funny, because I was thinking about it this morning, and I was remembering when I was on the way up, and I hit 144. I thought I was so obese. I was so sickened and saddened that I'd let myself "get so far" out of control. I went ahead and gained 18 more pounds after that because, what was the point? Now, on the flip side, I'm starting to love my body all over again. While I can still see areas of my body that need work, I can also see the results of my efforts, and it feels good. I was lifting weights this morning at the gym, and I looked down and thought- "My! What good lookin legs I have!" My thighs are small again! :) My neck and face are thinner. My arms! This morning I was admiring my slimmer arms. My waist is smaller- last night when I crawled into bed I felt my "four points" (as I like to call them) and was so happy- I haven't felt my four points in almost 2 years! (My 4 points refer to my two hip bones, and the point where my ribs end.) Up until recently these points have been covered in fat and I couldn't find them or feel them. But now I can! I can't tell you how happy I was to feel my four points jutting out again. I don't hate my body or hate myself anymore...and it's funny, because this seriously all just happened within the last 5 pounds. It was like a light switch- suddenly the switch was on and I am so much happier with myself. I'm back in a normal range, in my mind too, not just on the BMI scale. So even though I still have a little ways to go, I can see that i'm in the home stretch and can let up on the negative self talk that has been taking place for so long.

And it feels so good.

Have a great weekend friends-



  1. Oh Diz! This is awesome! No more negative self talk will definitely be a great thing!

  2. WooHoo, You! :D I'm glad you're feeling happy with yourself. And moving stages on the BMI is huge!

    I was just looking yesterday to see how long before I'd get out of BMI obese. I think I've got 15 pounds before I am just overweight. chuckle. A far cry from morbidly obese, which is where I once was so it's feeling good to me.

    You will be amazed to know that I am so big boned (even at only 5'5" tall) that I was surprised to feel my own 4 points the other day. I was shocked! It's been a very long time for that. Of course, I have to lay on my back to feel them--but, chuckle, I can still feel them. ahahaa.

    Some of us take what we can get and make the most of it on this highway! Your milestone, however, is the real deal, girlfriend. You have a right to be happy.