Monday, February 15, 2010

California Love

Today was amazing. Not in the diet sense- Of course I've slacked off the last 3 days (surprise!) and I've gained; I can tell. You know how you wake up in the morning and think...UGH...why am I still puffy? It's supposed to go down or away over night. So you know when you wake up and it's still there, that it's not a good sign. Yeahhhh....that's what's going on with me these days.

But that's ok. I had a much needed "vacation" day today with some of my friends and we went to Catalina and I vowed in my heart that I would get back on the wagon tomorrow. Isn't it about re-dedication people? I mean, have to commit everyday all over again in order to truly have success. So I re-committed to myself today that I would do well this week and get back on it. Gave myself a little forgiveness star and moved on!

Anyway, I posted some pictures from my day today and just wanted to share. I want to take one moment to say that I feel so blessed to be able to have days like today. It was absolutely wonderful to just get away from work and all of the stress of daily life and just enjoy some much needed relaxation time. I'm so grateful for ALL that I've been blessed with, including a great family and great friends, a FABULOUS place to live where I can enjoy so much everyday, all of God's creations (you'll see what I mean in a second), and just all of the wonderful opportunities I get to experience in my life. I truly, truly have been blessed. One of my goals this year is to not only feel that gratitude more, but to express it more. Plus I strongly believe that when we're truly grateful and express that gratitude, and also when we share those blessings with people around us, we're given even more. I'm so grateful to be learning this life-truth. So anyway, enjoy the pictures!

This is my roommate, me, and another friend of mine right when we got on the boat. We're so excited!

This is a picture of Newport Harbor as we're leaving. Isn't Newport so beautiful!? Remember, it's Febuary 15th! I'm so lucky!

You can't really tell by this picture, but while we were out on the ocean we ran into this pod of Dolphins. All of the splashes and things you see in the water are some of the dolphins jumping! There were 100's of them and they were so cool! These were really small dolphins; I'm not sure what breed they were, but the babies were so tiny and so cute! Loved it!

This is when we first got to Catalina Island, you can see it in the background.

This is one side of the harbor we parked the boat in...soooo gorgeous. I was so excited!

Once we got on dry land, we went to have lunch at this little Mexican restaurant and then went to play a round of mini golf. The losers had to buy everyone else ice-cream (I was on the losing team...booo!)

Here's a shot of my team trying to figure out what's going on.

These are my some of my friends enjoying their ice cream after the game.

Once we got back on the boat and started to leave I had to snap one more picture of the harbor; it was late afternoon and so beautiful. I was in heaven. :)

I took a moment to come inside of the boat and took this picture of some of my friends out on the back deck chatting and enjoying life.

Catalina in the background with the sun setting behind it. Absolutely stunning sunset. PLUS, the reason I took this picture, is because we saw a gray humpback whale...and I tried to get him but by the time the camera snapped the shot, he was back under the surface of the water. Dang it! So cool though!

And here we are coming back into the Newport Harbor. So beautiful at night! I heart California!


  1. First, I'd just like to say that I'm commenting as snow falls outside. I love New York, but I wouldn't mind spending the next three weeks in CA with you!

    So today was amazing even though yesterday was rocky. Isn't that awesome? Um, Catalina holds a very special place in my heart, and it always will. I'll give you the details later.

    Anyway, it looks like you had an amazing time..and you look fabulous, by the way. I'm so glad you had a fun time....xoxo

  2. Thank you Kenz, you know YOU hold a special place in MY heart. :) Let's catch up soon, I miss our chats and we still have some things we need to iron out as far as our definition idea. :) HEARTS!

  3. Nice pics! I came across your blog after see you post something on twitter with the keyword "catalina"....I'm on the island visiting a friend...came for 3 days and have stayed for 3 months....very cool place! Looks like you had a great time...give me a shout if you come back...always enjoy meeting new people!

  4. ps you can reach me at

  5. Oh, Diz! You are living a great life! From the smiles of you and your friends to the fabulous scenery. I've done parts of CA, but not Catalina. Now it's on my list! You should work for the CA board of tourism.

    It was a great boost finding your note on my blog this AM. Exactly what I needed to remind myself why I'm reaching out. I do love how this works!

    Thanks for the lift; I'll be here for you, too. You look like a twig to me, but I totally understand it's about how a person feels when she perceives that she's not in control of her eating, which carries over into body image.

    Speaking of grateful, I'm grateful for your support! Have a great day!

  6. Wow girl you really are living the life I dream of. I just finished a post about how I can never just appreciate the here and now and your post has made me realize just how important it really is. Your friends seem lovely. xo

  7. wow, beautiful! you are so right about committing every day, all over again. i hope you wake up every morning with that fresh, renewed spirit!

  8. Hey, Diz! The pictures are beautiful! I've never been to California. I've only been as far west as the Dakotas. Beautiful, just beautiful! I'm glad you had a nice day.

    You'll think this is a hoot: When I saw the first picture and before I read your caption, I didn't realize you were the girl in the middle. (I thought you had gotten your hair cut short all over.)

    Anyway, when I saw the picture, I thought, "oh, wow. Look how thin all of Diz's friends are--no wonder she feels fat."

    Hahaha. But one of those skinny girls was you! You look geat!

    So glad you're allowing yourself to enjoy this time in your life. When you get married, it is a different kind of joy. These days are unlikely to be repeated.