Monday, March 1, 2010

Get it: Goals.

I can't tell you guys how much your comments mean to me right now.  I've had a really REALLY hard day at work today and I've come home just deflated.  And then remembering my bad diet decisions and how exhausted I am, was just the icing on the cake.  And then I read your comments and suddenly I felt like...wait a minute...I CAN do this!  I can still get my workout in today!  I have 4 more days til weigh in!  No reason to be down over the one day so soon!!!

One of the things I'm working on in regards to my job is my goals.  I mean, we all have them.  We all have to set them; but I'm learning that the more specific you are, the better you do.  Does that make sense?  So if I say, for example- "I want to lose 5 pounds this month" and I do nothing else in regards to how I'm going to achieve that successful will I really be?  I may lose 2 pounds.  I may lose all 5.  I may lose nothing.  Who knows.  The key word in all of those sentences is "may".  It's up to chance.  However, if I say..."I want to lose 5 pounds this month" and then I proceed to line out exactly how I'm going to do it (I.E. that's 1.3 pounds a week; I'm going to exercise 50 minutes for 5 days of the week; I'm going to drink only water; I'm going to eat all fruits and vegetables and whole grains, with lean meats, I'm going to weigh in every week to see where I'm at and adjust my program accordingly, etc) then I will know after week 1 alone exactly where I'm at and what I need to change/adjust by week 2 to stay on target.

I know that you're probably already aware of all of this; but I am learning it all over in regards to my job.  Which of course, makes me think about it in regards to my weight loss and everything else in my life.  Yes, it can be a hassle to sit down initially and figure out every detail in advance.  But in the end, how much further along will you get if you have the plan laid out?  How about the rest of your life besides weight loss?  Do you have a plan laid out?  Do you know where you want to be in 5 years?  10?  How exactly are you going to get there?  The key that I'm learning is specifics.  You have GOT to get super detailed and super specific in order to really get to where you want to go.

Ok, I have to start setting my goals for this month, and then break them down by week and then day.  It's going to be tedious.  But I'm anxious to see what the difference will be compared to my normal goal setting of: "I want to accomplish X.  Great.  Now...what do I want to eat?"

What's your goal for the Month of March???



  1. when i read your blog, sometimes i think, "she's faced with 10 temptations in a day that i don't see in a week," and you still exercise and you still make an effort to eat right. and that's amazing and inspiring to me, and many others, i'm sure!

    and i totally agree on the micro planning. i chalk up many a mistake in my life to failure to plan. failure to plan is planning to fail.

    i wish you the best, as always!

  2. I have actually been told to stop micro planning! LOL
    I know it will take me longer to get to my goals... but I tend to get so caught up if I start detailed planning that I never get started!

  3. That's how i feel right now Fiona. So overwhelming.

  4. How about a micro goal that you smile and say "hi" to a single guy (no ring) every time you go to the grocery store or to Starbucks or anywhere you go regularly?

    You are so outgoing, you might already do that, but if not, it might be fun to challenge yourself in that way.

  5. I'm so glad you mentioned this! I need to be better about setting goals, and that makes sense about being specific.

    It sounds like you are starting a new month off on the right foot!

  6. Diz, :D Sounds like an excellent way to start off March. :D Just don't make your head spin. Actually, now that I think of it, Your post already has the details listed, so maybe you're done already! :D

    thanks for the comment on my post. I apprreciate it. :)


  7. My goal is to get into the 150's, as you know, and its so close I can taste it (no pun intended.. lol)

  8. Good for you. Micro planning is too overwhelming for me. So What i have been doing lately is when I go to bed I write myself 5 small goals I want to accomplish the next day and tape them on my mirror in the bathroom. It has been helping. Somedays not all five are accomplished but its a manageable thing for me. I think your amazing and enjoy your blog greatly!

  9. I am starting to realize this! Planning out my workouts, etc. Everything goes better when you have goals and a gameplan.

  10. I wish you were closer so I could give you a hug! And then go dancing! Lol. We are all here for you girl! Im terrible at planning. Terrible. I try not to, because I often find myself disappointed. But my goals for march are to hit the 25 lb mark and to actually get my house completely unpacked. Ooh, and too really really make my vacation to San Diego count!!