Wednesday, March 31, 2010

HB Single's Conference...

Ok Ok, I couldn't wait to post a new post!  I was trying to leave the old post up for at least 24 hours, but I just can't do it anymore.  I'm super excited for several things and I just have to share...

First off...the month of April!  I'm so excited to see it come!  Hello April, Welcome!  Welcome to 2010, we're so glad to see you.  You mean warmer weather, fun exciting events, a new month with new goals and a fresh new start.  I love you, April.  I love you a lot this year.  Normally I don't care about you, but this year, you just make me so happy...

Which brings me to my goals for this month. I'm a little scared to post them, to be honest.  What if I don't make them a reality?  Posting them...writing them in concrete for the world to see, means i actually have to TRY to make them real.  Which is the point, right? I'm taking the goes nothing...

Well, before I say the first one- let me give you a little background.  Every year in April my church has a mid-single's conference that's hosted here in Huntington Beach.  Normally I balk at this type of thing; I've never gone to it before.  But this year I kind of want to.  For one thing, my friend L, who was here this last weekend, is going.  She is such a freaking blast!  She told me she is staying in "cougar mansion"...a huge mansion here in OC that all these fun girls pay to rent out and stay in for the weekend.  I *think it's on the beach and it has a hot tub...and I'm guessing like...20 girls or something will be staying there.  Of course I live here so I won't be staying there, but where do you think I'll be playing every night after the conference?  Where there are women...there will eventually (hopefully) be men.  And if even only 1/3 of the girls are as fun as L, then I'm sold that this place will be amazing.  Here are a few pics of me and L.  I love her dearly- she is one of my dearest and funnest friends:

These are from last weekend

Here we are at a party at Christmas...I'm guessing the date is 12.26.09 ish

Here is when she came to visit me around October?  Dates from here on out will be blurry.. :)

Here are we are our friend's Christina's wedding in August I believe...

This one was taken YEARS ago with our friend Kelsey at dinner (it was actually B's birthday).  They were mad at me for laughing and not making a gangster face.  Hahaha, I couldn't help it! West Coast is the Best Coast!!! ;)

Here's one with Kels and B at dinner one night (again, years ago)

Here we are at B's wedding, with MY sister M. :)  This was like, 2007ish?  I love that all of us sisters are friends!

Now I just want to post pictures and pictures.  I was tempted to put up pictures of B and all of the fun we've had, more of my sister with my nephew...more, more more! Haha, I'll calm myself.

Ok, FOCUS!  Back to the goals of the month...

So I want to lose 5 pounds by the conference- that was the point of telling you about the conference.  We're going to have fun, meet guys, play on the beach, hit up Disneyland.  So now until April 23rd, I will be going nonstop.  Bleaching my teeth, working on my tan, working on my FITNESS...I want to be confident and have fun!  L has lost over 60 lbs and is going strong- she looks so good!  I gotta keep up with the competition!!! (Also, ps- she is the one that told me this weekend to start "dreaming bigger" than what I'm dreaming now...isn't she so fabulous??)

You guys are in charge of reminding me of the conference whenever I start to forget/complain/feel sorry for myself so I eat...  Think you can help me with this?  I need to look good for this thing!  There are a ton of people coming for it!  I'm so stinkin excited...



  1. Yay! Definately will be there for you! It looks like you have a goal which I know you can do! Diz you are great and your not gonna allow some stupid food to stop you!

  2. Sounds like great incentive Diz! You can do it!!

  3. Okay...seriously..I love it that you're both slimmer now...and obviously super pretty. :)

    The conference sounds like all kinds of fun so get ready for it. I'll remind you. :)


  4. Sounds like fun! You all ready look pretty thin to me... But, then, maybe that 5 pounds isn't in your face. hahahah. Deb

  5. You and your friends have fabulous smiles! You are going to have such a blast at the conference! The conference for which you are going to do all of those things that you wrote that you are going to do in preparation. Because when you write stuff down, it's better, and more likely you're going to do those things, especially since you are going to be constantly reminded of those things that you are going to do for the conference. All of those things. Those things you wrote. You're doing 'em. For the conference. Don't forget, and don't complain. We're going to keep reminding you....

  6. First of all, thank you thank you and thank you. I expected to open up your blog and read about calories and have a good laugh. I didn't realize I would mostly get teary eyed and overcome with such emotion. :) Thank you my love...there are no words to express how your post made me feel. Second of all, you look AMAZING and you will look even more amazing at the conference. And YES writing it down makes it real! Thoughts become actions...actions become things!!! Third of all, you BETTER be hanging out at the conference because you and I are going to be like two kids in a candy store. Fourth of all, DREAM BIG!!! You don't realize the potential that YOU dream it! And fifth of all I love you so much and am blessed to be able to call you my friend. ;)

  7. The conference sounds fun Diz! 5 can do it, i know it!