Monday, March 15, 2010

OK OK I'll give more dish!

Ok, I don't have super long to write this post- I'm going to Costco with Aaron very shortly; he's coming to pick me up as we speak.  :)  But hopefully I can get this whole thing written and spell checked before he gets here!

Well, I am back on the rampage today!  Been eating on point, ran 7 miles this afternoon (this day has GOT to be the most beautiful day to date this year), have been drinking water like a fish, and took all of my supplements this morning. :)  Yay me!  Yay for being healthy!!  As I was running on the beach path today, there were so many people out enjoying the beautiful weather (it's spring break), and I just had to smile to myself because I get to enjoy this beautiful place all year; not just during vacations.  In fact, I'll include a picture of the beach that's just a mile from my house just to make you extra jealous. :)

I've had a few requests regarding the Fat Flush Diet so I'm quickly adding this blurb for those of you who are still interested in it:  The author is Ann Louise Gittleman, MS CNS and here is a picture of the one I picked up in case you're out looking for it:

Like I've been saying all along- so far this has been a great diet if you need to switch things up a bit and want to see some quick results.  As I've also mentioned before, it's not a super easy diet to follow- but just remember, it's only for 2 weeks, and then you can choose to either keep going or move on.  Hopefully you'll have as good of results as I've had so you'll want to keep going.

Ok ladies, unfortunately Aaron is here so I'll have to dish more later.




  1. Ohhhhhhh pretty out there! Of course, that's southern CA for ya...;)

    Have fun! :)

  2. Love it and thank you for the info! I gave you an award on my blog! Hope your evening goes well

  3. Diz! Do you have spellcheck on your blog? How? I don't have that button and don't know how to get it. We both have blogger--tell me your secret! Deb

  4. It's official, I want you to adopt me so I can come live with you ;)

  5. I'm coming with Kat. That picture is the last straw....