Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sugary Baby

Ok, I have to do this now, or I'll forget as I always do.

I received another award today- a super cute fun one that I love.  It's the Sugar Doll award, and I love it!  Here are the rules:

1. Thank the Person who gave you this award  (Thank you thank you Chunky Chick! You're the bestest!!)

2. Give to 5 bloggers and write why they have made your life a lil sweeter. (See below)

3. Write why you where given this award. (As per CC: "Diz is a super motivator! This girl has super powers and reminds me that there is nothing impossible and to just get up every time I feel down." Again, thank you for the kind words. *Tear!)

4. Tell the other bloggers u gave them this award.

Isn't it so cute? OK...of course I want to give this award to every one of my followers- but I can only give it to 5...so here are the 5 I've chosen:

1) Keri @ http://lifelessonaday.blogspot.com for always posting intriguing and interesting random facts...and more importantly to me, being a good friend and cheerleader as I strive to attain my goals.

2) Deb @ http://debwillbethin.blogspot.com because you've been with me since the beginning, and have been honest and real with me when I needed it, and so supportive when I needed you most.  You're like a 2nd mom to me. Love you!

3) Kenz @ http://alltheweigh2009.blogspot.com How could I NOT give this award to Kenz?  She is a great friend, has a great blog, and helps keep me in line!  Her attitude is contagious and her enthusiasm motivates me even on the darkest of days.  I love everything you do for me girl! Thank you for your constant support and the constant cheering, hearts!

4) Mary @ http://thecurvaceousconundrum.blogspot.com Mary is one of my favorite bloggers- I have a feeling we would be good friends in "real life".  She's supportive, funny, and real.  I got a special place in my heart for you Mary!  Keep up the good work girl you look fabulous and are getting cuter everyday. :)

5) Genie @ http://dietof51.blogspot.com because like everyone else, Genie tells it like it is, and I love her for it.  Plus she's a beautiful, smart woman who's posts are genuine and hilarious (I love your descriptions of your pants and how they fit..haha!).  Thank you for all of your fabulous and kind words on my blog, xoxoxo

Ok, seriously, there are so many other bloggers I wanted to give this award to, it was hard to narrow it down to these 5. Let me just say right now, that while I love these girls, I have many many favorite blogs that I just love to death...Am I allowed to do honorable mentions?

Feeling the love- thank you all for everything you do to support me on my little journey-



  1. Well deserved Diz. Congratulations (*_*)

  2. omg my first award, DIZZY I LOVE YOU... and I'll always be your friend & cheerleader.. Wow this is so exciting..!!!!! and congrats to you sister you deserve it.

  3. Diz! Thank you so much. Your reason for giving me this award made me cry. It did. :}
    Of course, it also means that if you are ever on the East Coast, you must fly thru Pittsburgh for at least a lay over to see me!

    You are truly special to me, fierce girl.