Monday, March 29, 2010

Paying the Piper

Well, I did it.  I went in to Weight Watchers and faced the music.  It wasn't as unpleasant as I'd envisioned (143), and yet it's still a little bit of a bummer to see that basically I didn't do anything in the month of March...even though I really did work hard. :)  But it's okay!  This is how we learn, right?  You fall, and then you get back up and try, try again.  And that is what I'm doing.  I may have lost and then regained 4 pounds, but I will lose them again.  It's funny because I went to the gym tonight in my new workout clothes that I bought while "down", and it's funny to see how they fit with just a 4 pound gain.  4 measly pounds!  But that's where I'm at- 4 pounds makes a difference on my body now.  I guess I should be happy about that.  I was a little self conscious at first to wear those clothes out of the house, but it was time to go to the gym, so I had to go.  I don't have time to be self conscious right now, I need to work hard this week to get a move on this month!

What else can I tell you?  Aaron was supposed to come over tonight for dinner but I cancelled him.  I was just so tired after my gym workout (ha! a whole 30 minutes) and his car is still giving him troubles, so I just cancelled the whole thing.  I would've had to go pick him up and drop him off, and I could tell he was uncomfortable with that.  He's just so independent!  Trouble is, I bought all this yummy stuff to feed  him. :)  He is super healthy and fit so it's nice to cook for him because I don't have to go off plan to feed him.  Anyway, after I sent him the text saying let's just do it another night, he called and we talked on the phone for a bit.  He asked me about how things were going (we haven't really talked since I came home from OK) and he remembered specific things about my personal life to ask about and I was just so...impressed.  It made me feel important that he remembered those things, you know?  I appreciate mindful people, whether they are potential love interests or just friends.  I vow to be more mindful of others right now! :)

Okay friends, let's do this!  Let's get this party started!!



  1. Diz, I know you've gained 4 pounds from your non WW weigh-in, but you're actually DOWN from your last recorded WW weight. So, obviously, that Fat Flush thing must have helped--and, obviously, you worked it!

    Good for you! You lost weight! If you don't believe me look at that sidebar right over there =====>

    And, how nice you're dating a nice guy.

    Sometimes you just have to accept it--life is good.


  2. You make me wanna be better! Keep up the great work doll!

  3. Yay! Welcome back to WW! Your worked super hard and those 4 pound will go away again! And 30 minutes is nothing to balk at dear! It is movement! Your doing great! Keep it up. One foot in front of the other!

  4. Diz I gave you an award! This is my favorite award ever!

  5. You're so right. You can lose those 4 pounds again...

    And Aaron just moved up in my book. ;)

    Let's catch up soon......! xoxoxo

  6. Love that you're back at it - and that you have a guy in your life that you don't need 'to go off plan' for! That is how it should be. So nice, too, that he listens and then asks about YOU as opposed to how was the weather while you were away?! ;)

  7. :-D Sounds like a great guy and a great plan! Yay!!!

  8. Aaron sounds like a keeper.

    You are at a small enough size where four pounds makes a difference, so be happy for that! And, you will get them off. Yes, you will.