Friday, April 9, 2010



I've done perfect all week, but today I just couldn't seem to make it one more day...

I actually did pretty decent today until dinner tonight.  Friends called and said you choose- CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) or Chili's...of course I chose CPK, but that didn't stop me from eating 2 pieces of bread, ordering a diet coke, and scarfing my salad.  I just weighed myself because of course now that I'm home, I'm stressing...and I'm UPPPPPPP further than weigh in last week.  What the FRICK is my problem!?  One more night!  I couldn't wait one more night???  All day I was down...and right now I'm up 2.8 lbs since this afternoon. I know, I know....some of it will be gone by the morning.  I shouldn't obsessively weigh multiple times a day.  But for some reason, weighing brings me comfort, mmmkay?  My roommate moves out next week and she's taking the scale...and believe it or not I'm a little secretly stressed about it.  How am I going to gauge my progress during the week without the scale?  I'm irate with myself right now.

I'm scared to weigh in tomorrow.  I've been looking so forward to this all week.  Now I'm dreading the morning. Help. Ugh. UGH.



  1. Good luck on your weigh in today! I am sure the scale will go down.

  2. Diz stop and breathe! First you weighed yourself late in the day! You have to understand that and second you have been doing amazing. Have faith in your body and yourself! And taking a small break from the scale may do you so good. I understand the comfort it brings but may a week with out the scale will force your mind to help you because you can't constantly moniter via the scale! Just a thought!

  3. Diz, Don't be afraid. The whole thing is fitting weight loss into your lifestyle. Should you have stayed home and not gone out with friends? NO! You made great choices as far as I can tell and you're doing great! I weigh ONLY once a week. I don't keep scales in the house. It's best for me or I'd become obsessive in trying to manipulate the scales rather than working my plan. Good luck with weigh in tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the good report.

  4. I totally understand how you feel. I was in this same boat last week, the week was great and I blew it on Friday & Sunday.
    You will be alright!
    Do you log your food even when it's bad? I've found that helps me when I look back on my good/bad weeks to see what I ate & how to adjust the next time.
    Hang in there!

  5. Diz - no no have to live girl! And you broke a cardinal rule - even though I do it all the time - weighing any time but in the morning - naked - after you peed - six times. You CAN do this....let's look at your success percentages - 6 perfect days - one mediocre day. Most of us could only dream of that kind of success rate. Don't let this one slip negate all the amazing choices you made 6 days prior okay? We love you! Smooches!

  6. What Drazil said.... plus....

    Would you have rather sat at home and counted the hours until your weigh-in?

    Also, there is a vast difference between weighing at night and in the morning. Pick one, but don't do both, and don't do it obsessively.

    You will be OK. You have goals.