Friday, April 9, 2010

Friends on Friday!

Quotes from Posts this week that I've enjoyed (next week I'll be better at this because now that I know I'm doing this, I can write down the quotes that inspire me instead of looking them all up and forgetting a few. :) )

From TXMarianne's post Tomorrow: "Then I'd like to get another workout in in the evening just because I think it would be a fun birthday present to myself."   ~Love you Marianne, and love your dedication.  If you can do 2 workouts on your birthday, I can do 1 today! Holla!

From Chunky Chick's post Heaven Thy Name is WW Ice Cream: "And with all my quirks I know I am amazing. And yes my walls on the outside world are still up but now I just want to know who is gonna take the effort to climb over them.  Cause on the other side is this amazing girl that gets better every day. And is so worth the effort."  ~Chunky Chick you melt my heart.  I loved this moment- you ARE amazing! And you ARE worth the effort!

From Shedding it and Getting it's post About Last Night Part II: "To everyone who cheered me on in this match! Coach Healthy Hangover led Team Bikini to a hard-fought victory over Team Eggroll." ~Rachel you are hilarious!  You are such a witty writer, always enjoy your posts!!

From Jack Sh*t's post The C25K Kid Rides Again: "She figured out I wasn't holding on, and immediately crashed and burned. However, she realized that she'd actually gone 20 feet on her own, and that accomplishment spurred her to new heights that day.  A half hour later, she was riding like a pro."  ~Jack for some reason I thought this was so poignant and beautiful.  Made me remember when I was learning to ride my bike and made me smile.

From Skinnybiatch's post Tomorrow is Weigh In: "I am excited. I've done the best I possibly could this week. I hit the gym everyday and I've been doing that Self Challenge exactly as it says which is a LOT of cardio.  Today was supposed to be a "rest day" but with my weigh in tomorrow I'm going to use that as a rest day and I skipped to day 4 today." ~Skinny you motivated me to have a great week!  Seeing others do it always motivates me to get my own ass in gear...

From Kat's post Weights Are For Girls: "Muscles are sexy....I want a strong body, I want a capable body, I want to run and play and lift my kids. I want to live and live healthy." ~LOL Yes Kat, yes they are.  I concur! And I want a strong body too...

From Drazil's post OMG- I figured it out... "I seriously think that the thinner I get - the more life comes out of me...Let's face it - when I don't feel good and I'm overweight and I'm not digging deep and I'm running around pretending everything is like Care Bear Land - I'm lying. I'm shoving down food and feelings and I'm living in a fog and 99% of the time, almost 24/7- I am thinking about how I look, how I feel, how I wish I looked, how I wish I felt, why did I eat that, what is wrong with me, etc? It consumes me- mentally and physically- and it leaves room for nothing else."  ~ Drazil, these words have been with me all week, they rang so true to me.  I wholeheartedly agree, and these words have pushed me further this week than I think I could've gone on my own.  It's so true, and this realization alone is setting me free! Thank you!!

From Chunky Chick's post Midnite Pilates and Other Insanity: "I was tired but I got sick of hearing myself make excuses as to why I couldn't excersize for 20 freaking minutes."

From Jack Sh*t's post Jack Sh*t Exposed: basically the whole post.  Check it.

From Chunky Chick's post Finding thought at a time:  "This is one of the first pics where I didn't cringe when I saw that my entire body was in the pic. I have come so far." ~Yes you have girl; yes. you. have.  

Thank you all for inspiring me this week!



  1. Oh my goodness - you made me blush. Thank you for saying that....I puffy heart you big time!

  2. Well! :{ .. This week, I reported that I had STARVED myself all Easter weekend to narrowly avoid colon cancer; I wrote a poignant bit of prose on the importance of female friends; and I even had a heart-wrenching picture of an elderly woman taking aim with her revolver at a bathroom scale--and I didn't even get an honorable mention on your wall of inspirational posts! Hmmmph! What do you want from me?!

    No more practical jokes for you!

  3. Thanks so much Diz! It ewaly has been an amazing week! you have set the sky on fire this week too!

  4. Awe, thanks! I think this is a really fun idea. It will also help me find other blogs that I haven't seen before.