Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dan and other fun stuff

Ok ok...I'll give some scoop on Dan.  It's not as exciting as it sounds, but you get an update nonetheless.

But before I update on Dan, I have an update on my day and my progress .  I was on point yet again today.  I am so proud of myself, really.  I've been working very hard and I can't wait to get on the scale Saturday morning.  I am going to rock it!  I ran 7 miles today and have been eating perfectly.  Staying within my points, eating the right amounts of fats, carbs and proteins.  Everything I'm eating is healthy and organic and good for my body.  No junk.  I'm on FIRE right now; my body feels so good.  I mean, REALLY good.  I love it when I feel this good.  I think part of it is because I'm doing so well and I know it.  There is no guilt, you know?!

Also, I've decided to implement a new post thing to my blog- Friend Fridays (or something along these lines).  What I'm going to do on Friend Fridays is put up all the quotes during the week from other blogs that have inspired me or touched me in some way- cause there are some really great things I've read on other blogs that I want to share!  So if you have a problem with me posting something from your blog- email me and I won't include you.  But otherwise, it should be fun!  I hope it works out.  This also means i'm going to have to keep track of who wrote what on what could get technical.  And you know how much I like to actually work at things...

Ok, so back to Dan.  As you all know, I have been going back and forth with 'should I cut it off or not'.  Well, I took the plunge and told him.  I was nice about it, but when he asked me out this last time, I just said I could only go out as a friend.  Well, he said to come anyway (he had tickets to the Angel's game).  We went and wouldn't you know...we had such a fun time!  Of course we did. :)  Because all the pressure was off so I could relax.  At the end of the night I had to be honest again and tell him I was sorry for being such a flirt all night.  I knew I was sending confusing signals and that it wasn't fair to him.  He ended up telling me a bunch of really nice things, including that he still likes me, but he is okay with being friends.  So things are good there.  Aaron...well...Aaron is still up in the air, but I'm kind of thinking of letting that one go too.  There's just not enough there for me right now.  Plus, as I lose more weight and begin to get comfortable in my skin, I am finding that I am LOVING being single!  I love flirting.  I love buying cute clothes and going out and talking to who I want.  I love the freedom I have right now...and as one wise blogger once that I'm not consumed with my fatness, I am free to think about other things...and that includes boys and flirting and having fun.  I feel like I haven't had fun in soo loonnnngggggg....

So this is going to be the summer of fun for me.  I am so excited I can't take it.  Tonight I went to get a facial and while I was laying on the bed I reached up to stretch and saw my arms before me and thought, wow, they are getting small.  I love it!  I also felt my '4 points' again and they are really starting to protrude when I lay down.  You still can't see them when I'm standing, but they are there!  (For those of you who don't know or don't remember, my 4 points is my two hip bones and my ribs...) I am starting to feel my bones and my muscles coming out and I am loving it.  While I was on my run today I felt so strong and healthy.  I had energy because I've been eating so good and sleeping every night.  I was able to run quickly and with grace.  It was amazing and I'm excited to see where I can go with this.  It's funny, because I literally feel like a light switch was flipped in my brain this week.  I know when it happened- I walked in my room and I have a full length mirror in my room, and I was putting some stuff away and I caught a glimpse of myself.  I realized right then and there that I have been very relaxed the last month or so.  I lose a few pounds and feel better and so I "lighten up".  So I gain them right back.

But right now I just want to get to goal.  I want to finally know what it's like to enter maintenance mode rather than be in diet mode all the time.  I want to be 100% confident and happy with myself.  While that doesn't mean that I think my body will be perfect, I do think that my confidence in myself will skyrocket.  I realized today while running that when you lose weight, you go from being over all dissatisfied with yourself to finding body parts that are struggling to let go of the weight- and being dissatisfied with those areas.  Like my belly.  It doesn't want to let go of the weight, but my hips and my other areas around my belly are getting smaller, so it exacerbates my belly (in my mind I'm sure).  While it's still getting smaller, it's hanging on.  The weight will have to drop from there eventually, but it goes from some areas faster than other areas.  I'm sure you all know this.  It's just nice to know it's not my whole body that bugs me's only body point is that I'm in the final stages of my weight loss and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Instead of hating my whole body, I am dissatisfied with body parts. SO much better! I am happy to be in this phase...I'm happy to be learning to love my body and honestly feeling happiness and growth and joy from my successes.

Ok now I'm rambling.

I'm going to stop now.  Of course I could go on forever, that's how amped I am (obviously).  Thank you for reading and listening!  One more day til weigh in!!! I can do this, I can do this...



  1. OMG I'm so excited! I feel like I've been so out of your loop lately. What's my deal? Ha...

    It's so awesome that you're kicking butt this week! Yay you! :) Let's talk soon! xoxo

  2. I am sooo happy that you are sooo happy Diz. Being happy with ourselves, and our bodies in particular, is so powerful. Congratulations on all fronts. You are an inspiration (*_*)

  3. You are an inspiration. I hope to feel like that one day. I should take up running but I haven't ran in years and the most I ever ran was only 2 miles. Look out summer fun here you come : )

  4. Yay! Conference-Confident Diz is on the loose! Look out, Guys, here she comes!

  5. It is wonderful to hear your enthusiasm!

  6. :D You go, fierce girl! Deb

  7. Summer of fun! I'm right in there with you. It really is fun, and strange to notice people looking at you differently too isn't it. I need to get on the Diz train and embrace it.

  8. Oh Dizzy... I love you girl. I remember reading about your 4-points long ago and I used to think I was the only one who felt for the 4 points. When I lay down and can feel my hip bones thats when I know I'm at a good weight... because for years there was nothing there to feel but flab. I love your idea of quoting other blogs that inspire you.. I wish I had come up with that idea myself... sometimes I feel I should keep a journal with me when I read blogs so I can write down all the awesome inquirations & wicked quotes I read. Now I'll have to be extra witty on my blog just to try and make the lucky few you quote..hahahaha no pressure.

    You know how much I love Dizzy-on-a-rampage. Keep it up gf you're the best!!!xoxoxo Keri
    ps- good luck at your weigh in today, I'll be checking back.