Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pressing Forward.

Well, my roommate officially moved out and I am sitting on the floor against the wall in our now empty living room writing this post.  My house suddenly seems so large and empty.  There's no tv to watch; no iPod to listen to.  I feel so lonely right now!  The sad thing is, she just walked out the door for the final time not even 30 minutes ago.  It's because there is no furniture...everything just seems so ominous.  You would think by the way that we were acting that she was moving across the Big Blue to Italy or something.  Even her parents were hugging me and thanking me for being such a good friend and roommate for all of these years (they've moved her and I three times before this...believe it or not).

I'm eating frozen grapes in attempts to keep myself from ordering a pizza and some greasy cheesy bread sticks.  Am I hungry?  Not in the least.  For some reason do I think greasy food would comfort me right now?  Of course I do; hence the attempt to satiate the oral fixation I have going on right now (plus they taste good).  At least I know I have my apartment for 2 more weeks until May 1st.  After that...I don't know where I'll be living or what I'll be doing.  I know I won't be homeless- worst case scenario is I stay in my apartment alone for another month while I continue looking for the right place.  It's expensive for one person to live here but I could do it for one month if I had to.  Of course I have no furniture so it's lame, but what can I do?  I can't afford to buy furniture AND rent a 2 bedroom apartment that's a few blocks from the ocean in Orange County CA.  Of course, I also don't want to buy furniture and then in a month move and not need it anymore.  I approached the manager of the apartment complex a few days ago and threw out the option of maybe letting me stay in the apartment alone at a discounted rate until I could find a person to move in...after all, it's better to have something on the apartment (for them) than nothing at all.  She didn't seem too excited about it but also didn't completely shoot me down.

Even though I'm sad she's gone and things seem crazy right now, I'm super excited for this change.  I've been so consumed with looking at apartments that I have not been able to really focus on anything else- but I know it's going to come to an end soon and I can get back to with my life.

HB Singles Conference in one week!

While this week has been HORRIBLE eating/exercising wise (literally everything has been thrown out the window since I'm consumed with housing)...I'm looking forward to getting back on track and rocking next week so I can be on point for the conference.  I have so many friends that are coming into town for this thing and it's going to be a nonstop party from the Friday til Tuesday and I cannot WAIT for the relief from this housing issue.  Hopefully by then I'll know what's going on and I can just relax and enjoy all the boys that will be coming this way... :)

That is the one thing I'm ready and waiting for with open arms....MEN. :)  And lots of them.  Summer is right around the corner and as I get closer to goal weight (I'm 5 pounds according to my weigh in on Saturday and my goal I set at WW), my confidence and flirting abilities are skyrocketing.  Which means I'm single and ready to mingle baby!  :)

Okay folks, I have to look at more housing...wish me luck.  This is sucking the life out of me.



  1. :) I knew you'd rally, fierce girl. Deb

  2. Yay! Diz you are amazing! Only 5 lbs away and your are getting a new place to live and the summer is almost here! I know that it sucks being alone in an apartment with no furniture. My first appartment ever had a bean baf chair and a coffe table that somone was throwing out, and my bedroom. So little by little I was able to get furniture from the thrift store. It ended up being my second favorite place other than my current apartment. I believe your gonna find an amazing new place. I know that it has been consuming but its okay. Cause when its over your gonna be able to take a deep breathe and know you made it through

  3. Hey Diz, so after todays weigh in I may be about 5 lbs away myself. I'll race ya to goal!!
    I hope you were able to hold off on the pizza idea, not that grapes are ever a substitute. I probably would have caved. I get an idea like that in my head and make myself mental. Anyway, I hope you were strong. love ya xoxo

  4. Seriously - how amazing is that lady!! 5 more pounds!! That alone should be a major motivator for you! And I also hope you stuck with the grapes...lord knows that would have been my own personal hell as well! ha!

  5. Try to be extra kind to yourself Diz. Just ride this wave and soon you will be sailing into summer and F-U-N

  6. wow 5 more pounds - awesome! Have fun at your HB singles conference in one week! Sounds like a real fun time!