Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm going absolutely banana's not knowing my weight.  It's been almost 2 whole weeks (Thursday).  I feel fat and dumpy today- which isn't helping anything.  I know I'm up from the weekend, I can tell- but of course, I knew I would be after two late night ihop runs in a row; not to mention all of the sweets and everything else I ate.  But it still sucks.  And it especially sucks because I don't know how much I weigh. UGHHHHHH

The good news is that I've been working out everyday.  I've only been doing cardio for the last month in attempts to slim down, but I'm starting to feel flabby and gross, so I'm considering adding weights back in to my routine....the problem is I'm slammed this week with work, moving, and social life.  Every night I have something going on...and I need to start packing because we're moving on Thursday into the new place and I have NOTHING in boxes yet.  I have a little bit of anxiety...ok a LOT of anxiety right now about the whole thing.  I keep passing donut places on the streets while I work and they seem to be calling to me...but I'm resisting so far.  I hate being tempted.  I hate that I love food so much and that I'm always going to have to watch myself and keep myself on track.  I mean, of course I love the results, but I miss the days of just eating a donut whenever I wanted without feeling guilty or worrying about my ass.  But now that I'm musing about it...I realize...I was never really not worried about my ass back in those days.  I just didn't care.  But of course I hated myself later for it...otherwise why would I have started this journey in the first place?  I hate being fat and feeling gross more than I hate watching my food intake and working out- I'm just a complainer today.  I just want to lay in a vat of frosting with unlimited donuts at my disposal without thinking about it.  Ok...maybe that was extreme and gross.  Maybe I don't want to lay in the vat...just lay beside the vat and dip my donut in it occasionally...hahaha...I'm so sick.

Speaking of food...time for me to figure out what i'm having for lunch.  When I sit here and envision a tub of frosting and donuts...subway suddenly does NOT sound appealing.  Ugh.



  1. "I just want to lay in a vat of frosting..."

    Uh-hmm, if that becomes possible, please give me a call and I'll be right over. Make mine buttercream, please. lol

    Seriously, tho, with a week like you've had and are aabout to have--no wonder you want donuts! I would, too. oh. well. I guess that goes without saying. I always want donuts.


  2. Lol. Stay away from the vat honey. My parents got a box of still-warm Krispy Kremes. I wanted to die. Youer making such great progress hon, dont stop now! :)

  3. I'm so there with you! I hate that "food obsession" and also get pissed that its something that I'll always have to deal with... Tomorrow is my WI day for my bootcamp, and I've got this urge to binge like nobody's business. Ugh. How does one get the "Food is Fuel" mentality without taking the joy out eating? Its tough. Really tough. Choose the Subway. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels, right?

  4. I hear ya. Just keep things in perspective. You look AMAZING!

  5. If you see a vat of frosting lying around, run the other way!

  6. Ah donuts. You know I still have the hankering for a donut with vanilla creme filling all the time. There is a Dunkin Donuts at every freaking corner here. Its cruel and unusal punishment, but I know every no I say to the donut is a yes I say to me. I still go into Dunkin occasionaly and get a small toasted almond flavored coffee with skim and 2 sweet n lows. It gives me the sweet I want. Congrats on working out. I know the no scale thing is killing you, but I think your probally end up better than what you think your at. Do me a favor before you go guestimate what you weigh. I bet you weigh less than that...xoxox

  7. Awww Diz...I just love you! This too shall pass..

  8. Oh Diz I'm feeling the exact same way!!! I can't get past it, I want to eat everything and feel like I kind of have. Today after having eaten breakfast and lunch, I went to A&W and had a large poutine. Now, thats totally Canadian so let me explain... Fries covered in cheese, covered in gravy! I got home and found out it was 20pts and this all by 12:30 HELP!!!!