Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And it begins...

Things are getting even more crazy around here...

Yesterday I told NR about the challenge...and she started thinking maybe she wanted to join (she's up from last summer), so she came to the gym with me to discuss while we worked out.  As we were stepping on the stairmaster we talked about the competition.  We talked about all the girls that are in the competition and what the best strategy should be to win (I personally think this is more a marathon race than a sprint- slow and steady weight loss...yet consistent...yields the best results, don't you think?  I think girls will start burning out come month 2; there are a lot of "hard core" ladies right now; don't think it's sustainable for 3 months personally) etc.  NR was pumping me up, telling me that she thought I could honestly win the competition (the grand prize is $625!!!!).  She told me that I have the body type for it, and that since I was one of the bigger girls competing, I could do this.

Then NR decided to weigh herself before we left the gym in case she decided to join later.  She had no idea how much she weighs because we don't have a scale at the house.  Well, shiz hit the fan.  Just kidding, actually, she handled it way better than I would've.  She said she weighs the most now than she's ever weighed in her life.  The good news is, she came home and dumped out literally all the food in our house (which was fine with me since I've already joined the competition).  We have a carton of eggs and some spinach in the fridge right now (time to go shopping!)  Even if she doesn't officially join the competition, just having her be on a rampage too helps me so much.  We had a light dinner (eggs and eggplant for me) and then headed off to an Angel's game with a good friend of ours who just got married (and is also a personal trainer).

At the Angel's game, our friend started saying the same kinds of things NR was saying at the gym- that I would do really well in this competition if I could commit to it.  We talked at length about it because not only does she know a lot of the other girls competing (she teaches a couple of 6 am classes at the gym and of course, half the girls were there yesterday morning), she also knows what it would take to win the competition.  I was trying to run by her my strategies, but ultimately I decided to give them up because she made some fantastic points about this.  She basically said that I needed to find a weight loss strategy that was sustainable because ultimately we all end up going back to what's comfortable to us, so if we do something too drastic, it only increases the chances that we'll go back to our old ways even faster.  I know we all know this, but it was good for me to hear again.  I kept asking her how to stay committed, because honestly that's my biggest fear/problem.  She said to get up every day and re-engage myself in the mirror.  I need to write down my goals and look at them every morning and think about how I can achieve them.  Staying focused will be my biggest asset.  Yes, the other girls may or may not lag in the middle.  She said they might go strong in the beginning, lag a little in the middle, and then finish strong because they're motivated in the end.  In the middle will be the toughest part, and I know she's right.  All things we know as dieters...but things I need to hear right now.  I'm happy we talked about my strategies and what I should do.  I know both girls love me and think I can do this, and I love their support and am motivated by it.

So without further ado, my before pictures, my measurements, and my official start:

Measurements as of today, 5/26:

Neck: 13.75
L Arm: 12
R Arm: 12
Bust: 37.5
Stomach: 35
Hips: 40.5
L Thigh: 24.5
R Thigh: 24.5
L calf: 13.75
R calf: 13.75

Weight: 145.4

Pray for me!!!  I'm feeling super positive today, off to the gym to start my rampage!!



  1. You go girl. I put up photo's today of my 3 mo's of P90X; not that that's what you need to do, but I was amazed looking back at the progress, since I stayed committed; it's just 3 month's & it'll be worth EVERY little thing you turn down during that period (junk food, booze, etc) & everything you say yes to (working out, staying committed, reflecting on your goals, etc). Good Luck!

  2. I am LOVING this! I need to get on some kind of competition after the baby comes to push me. I think it is such a great idea to keep going! You rock. Please keep me posted. You will kill this and the money doesn't hurt. ;) Good luck sista! P.s. You do look great now. Just sayin'!

  3. I know you can do this, I'm so excited for you!! Even though I think you're already so super hot I know you'll get to the weight you want to be and will finally feel your sexiest! Sending out all the positive energy I have left for today to you.. xoxoxoxoxox

  4. You are stoked! This is Survivor Southern California; I love how you've assessed the competition. They don't have a chance. Just stay under the radar with your steady strategy and you will win!

  5. Diz I am so proud of you and its so awesome that the NR is there helping you! Yay! You can do this girl!

  6. You are SOOO gonna win this!! I subscribe to your school of thought that steady will win the race - you got it goin' on girl!!

  7. I love to motivation! You're gonna kick ass hot stuff!
    I tagged you in a blog award yesterday!

  8. I could feel the motivation dripping out of that post. Im rooting for you girl, and Im glad that you have NR to warrior with. I have no doubts that you will be where you want to be very soon. Your a strong girl Diz, channel that into your work outs and eating habits. Its in you love, let it out!

  9. Go Dizzy Go Dizzy Go Dizzy GO!!